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The Watch is an upcoming British-American television series based off the Discworld novels by the late Sir Terry Pratchett, specifically the novels set around the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Rather than being based off the original stories, the show will tell new stories but in the spirit of Terry's original.

The series will be eight episodes, slated to air on BBC America in 2020.

The official press releases can be read here.

Cast: Richard Dormer (Sam Vimes), Adam Hugill (Carrot), Jo Eaton-Kent (Cheery), Marama Corlett (Angua), Lara Rossi (Laby Sybil Ramkin), Sam Adewunmi (Carcer).


The Watch provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Inspiration: Overlapping with Adaptation Amalgamation. From the press releases, Carrot is a new recruit to a disempowered Watch (Guards! Guards!), with Angua and Cheery part of the team (first introduced in Men at Arms and Feet of Clay, respectively), Angua being Carrot's mentor (vice versa in the books), Lady Sybil being a vigilante (original to the series), and Carcer in an antagonistic role (originally having been one of the antagonists in Night Watch).
  • Adaptation Personality Change:
    • Carcer in Night Watch was a straight-up psychopath; here, he's described as a wounded and wronged revenge-seeker.
    • Lady Sybil was portrayed in the books as a kindly, slightly matronly middle-aged woman with a soft spot for hard-luck cases, both human and animal. Copy for the series instead describes her as an "anarchic vigilante."
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  • Age Lift: Lady Sybil is "over forty" in the books; she's played by a much younger actress.
  • Gender Flip:
    • The defiantly female Cheery is now non-binary.
    • Lord Vetinari and Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler, both men in the books, are played by women here.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: Much like BBC America's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, this show keeps the characters and the spirit of Sir Terry's novels, but instead opts to use them to tell new stories rather than adapt any books in The Watch sequence.
  • Race Lift:
    • For the books, Lady Sybil is depicted as a toweringly big Valkyrie-like middle-aged white woman; here she's thinner, younger and black.
    • Carcer's description in Night Watch Discworld evokes 'cheeky chappie', and official art has gone with the archetype by depicting him as white; again, he's black here.
    • Sgt. Keel is implied to be of the same race as Vimes (white in the official artwork), as the latter was able to successfully pose as the former. In this version, they're played by a black actor and a white actor respectively.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Sergeant John Keel, a Posthumous Character in Night Watch, is apparently still alive in this version.
  • Totally Radical: The initial press release calls it a "punk rock thriller", whatever that means.


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