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Series / The Titan Games

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Titan's aren't born, They're Made.

An NBC Sports Competition show hosted by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 8 Men & Women are invited to the Titan Arena to compete in a series of gruelling matches inspired by The Rock's personal workouts. Then, the 2 Men & 2 Women will compete in "Mount Olympus" for a chance to become "Titans". Then, in the season finale, the remaining Titans will square off once again for the title of "Titan Champions".

It premiered on NBC on January 3rd, 2019.


Said games include

  • Atlas Smash:
  • Cyclone:
  • Hammering Ram:
  • Herculean Pull:
  • Lunar Impact:
  • Off the Rails:
  • Power Vault:
  • Tower Drop:
  • Uprising:
  • Vortex:

The Titan Games provides examples of:

  • Cool Old Lady: Julie, The Rock says she is badass and Sandra, she's the oldest contestant in this series.