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Series / The Joey Bishop Show

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"Joey, Joey, Joooey!"
"Son of a gun."

This sitcom, which aired on NBC from 1961 to 1964 and then on CBS in 1964–65, starred comedian and lesser-known Rat Pack member Joey Bishop as Joey Barnes, the host of a TV talk show originating in New York, and Abby Dalton as his wife Ellie. Each episode dealt with events in Joey's personal and professional life as a celebrity.

Tropey, Tropey, Trooopey!

  • Affectionate Nickname: Joey calls Ellie "Texas" because that's where she's from.
  • As Himself: Many guest stars appeared on the series playing themselves as guests of the talk show.
  • Brick Joke: "The Fashion Show" has a classic, hilarious long brick joke, possibly even the Trope Namer, starting with a joke about a precise builder, ending up with a seemingly nonsense punchline about an extra brick he throws away. Followed by a joke about a lady with a dog confronting a man with a pickle on a train. The brick returns as the punchline.
  • Food Pills: Parodied when Joey and Ellie try to get rid of Larry, Joey's manager and The Thing That Would Not Leave, by presenting a meal that consists of a single NASA-developed food pill for each of them. Larry seemingly leaves but then comes back with pizza, and Joey and Ellie try to ignore it but start gobbling up the pizza, since the pills were hardly filling.
  • Poorly Disguised Pilot: Joey Bishop appeared in an episode of The Danny Thomas Show that was intended to be this, but by the time the series was picked up his character's name was changed and a couple of secondary characters were dropped or added.
  • Retool: The first season had Joey working as a Los Angeles public-relations executive and living with his mother and younger siblings. For season 2, this was changed to Joey hosting a TV talk show in New York and living with his wife Ellie. Most of the supporting cast was also completely different, and the show went from using a Laugh Track to filming in front of a Studio Audience.