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"The fastest chart on television!"

A U.K. music programme which ran on Channel 4 (1986–1988) and channel hopped to ITV (1989–1998). Whereas Top Of The Pops focused on songs within the Top 40 each week, The Chart Show served as an outlet for promotional videos across the board - whether the song/video had just been released or whether it was in the charts.

Unlike other music programmes, The Chart Show had no presenters; computer graphics took their place. In particular, the show was notable for its use of mock VCR graphics, such as play, fast-foward, pause etc.

Also, the show featured a number of genre-based charts and, in its early years, charts of the various method of song/video/artist distribution, such as album and compact disc.

For those wanting a blast from the past.


This show provides examples of:

  • Channel Name Change: From September 1989 - October 1994, "The Chart Show" was known as "ITV Chart Show" before reverting back to the original name. When episodes with "ITV" in the title were repeated on The Vault, the ITV logo was blurred out.
    • The 'Heavy Metal Chart' from Channel 4 got renamed into the 'Rock Chart' on ITV. They're considered the same chart as they feature, more or less, the same artists.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Though the direction of the arrows made it just as clear as to where the song had travelled in the charts; green represented climbers/new entries, red represented songs going down and orange represented non-movers.
    • Between 1989-1991, when the show used the fairground graphics, the 'Coming Up' screens were in pink if the episode had a Dance Chart, purple for Rock and green for Indie. The exception to this was the 7th January 1989 edition.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Some of the comments in the info' boxes could be interpreted this way.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Usually, songs with explicit lyrics were never played in full due to the show being broadcast pre-watershed. However, on some occasions, the show played songs which, on their own, contain only one of two uses of profanity, though the offensive words were censored/muted. For instance, when The Almighty's "Wild & Wonderful" was shown on a Rock Chart of 1990, one lyric came out as:
    "I've found something new and I'm...lovin' it!"
    • The same arguably applied to the music videos themselves. For instance, the first two minutes (roughly) of the promo for Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" were played, then fast-fowarded long before it got to the video's controversial ending. So while perhaps not quite a case of Getting Crap Past the Radar, its pretty much the only time you'd see otherwise controversial videos (or at least segments of them) during mid-morning broadcasts.
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    • Bands name and songs containing explicit words were removed/altered as necssary. For instance, "The Revolting Cocks" became Revco. Song-wise, "Punks" by Napalm Death was shortened from "Nazi Punks Fuck Off".


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