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Series / The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

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Airing in 2006, The Amazing Mrs Pritchard was an English political drama truncated abruptly by the economic downturn of that era. The story followed the titular Mrs Roz Pritchard, an erstwhile shop manager, who became Prime Minister almost by accident, after being thoroughly disillusioned by politics when a Labour and a Conservative candidate for her local MP get in a fistfight outside her market. "I could do better than you!" she exclaims, and does. Forming the Purple Alliance, she runs for MP herself, as a normal person fed up with obtuse politics and politicians. Naturally, for a main character at the beginning of their series, she is outrageously popular, and even becomes Prime Minister!


However, in the background is her family, who don't take this sudden popularity so well. Her husband Ian has legal issues in his closet, which are disturbed by politicians sussing out Roz, her older daughter Emily is irresponsible and self-absorbed, and only her younger daughter Georgina supports her.

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