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Temptation Of An Angel

"To me, you are a remaining wound.
I will revenge for everything.
If revenge is a crime doomed by the heavens,
I will gladly accept my punishment.
I will show you till the day this world ends.
Because of you, my heart was broken."

Temptation of an Angel (Hangul: 천사의 유혹; RR: Cheonsaui Yuhok) (also known as Angel's Temptation) is a 2009 Korean Drama that aired on SBS. It is considered a male version of another series, Temptation of a Wife.

Our tale follows Shin Hyun Woo (Han Sang-jin), who finds himself a victim of his wife, Joo Ah Ran (Lee So-yeon). Joo Ah-Ran and Shin Hyun-Woo have an elaborate wedding at a luxurious hotel. Shin Hyun-Woo sincerely loves Joo Ah-Ran, but Joo Ah-Ran has ulterior motives for the marriage. Joo Ah-Ran's family was allegedy destroyed by Shin Hyun-Woo's parents and, because of this, she is marrying Shin Hyun-Woo in a secret plan to exact revenge. Sometime after their marriage, Shin Hyun-Woo gets wise to her deceit but when he confronts her, they both get involved in a horrible car accident. He goes on to survive two murder attempts when Ah-Ran desperately tries to cover her tracks.


Vowing revenge, he undergoes Magic Plastic Surgery and takes on a new identity as Ahn Jae Sung (Bae Soo-bin), with the help of a nurse named Yoon Jae Hee (Hong Soo-hyun).

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The series contains examples of:

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Deconstructed or at least played for drama in the case of poor Jung Sang Mo. While masquerading as a trendy furniture designer, Ah-Ran took advantage of his affections and used slightly altered versions of his designs. After finding no further use for him, she shuns his attempts to court her. Sure, he's downright pathetic, a bit of a stalker, and has a case of Hollywood Homely, but he's portrayed far more sympathetically than the object of his affection. Depressed and feeling alone, he steps in front of a truck on the highway. If there's any consolation though, it causes his sister to go after Ah-Ran for revenge.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: After learning Ah-Ran's full back story and the truth behind her parents' murder, you can't help but feel sorry for her when she falls to her death.
  • The Alcoholic: Ah-Ran keeps a flask in her purse, even on her wedding day.
  • Bastard Bastard: Joo Seung is product of Kyung-Hee's affair.
  • Con Man: Ah-Ran's sleazy aunt and uncle who sold her some old, rich man as a teenager.
  • False Friend: Joo Seung is this towards Hyun Woo, his half-brother as he plots against him and carries on an affair with Ah-Ran. Hyun Woo later returns the favor as Ahn Jae Sung while stealing Ah-Ran away from him.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Inverted and Played With - Ah-Ran becomes pregnant with Hyun Woo's child. She immediately decides to have an abortion, but unbeknownst to her lover, she isn't able to bring herself to do it. She miscarries the baby anyway. Joo Seung realizes what she's done and doesn't take it well.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Woo-Sub. Oh boy, Woo-Sub...
  • Host Club: Ah-Ran was a hostess known as "Rosemary", a fact she desperately wants to hide. Naturally, it eventually comes back to bite her.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: When she learns that Hyun-Woo has recently gotten married, Jae Hee simply smiles at him from afar and wishes him well. So much for that...
  • Kick the Dog: Ah-Ran is willing to step on anyone to achieve her goals. This includes breaking the heart of her loving husband, attempting to run an old high school friend out of a job, kissing her lover in front of her comatose husband, bullying Jae Hee… the list goes on. Joo Seung gets in on this as well...
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: …and Hyun Woo pays them back for all of it.
  • Kill It with Fire: In her second murder attempt, Ah-Ran sets fire to the family vacation home while Hyun Woo is pretending to still be in a coma. He makes it out alive with burn scars on his face.
  • Love Triangle: A type 4 with Hyun-Woo lovingly devoted to Ah-Ran, who only married him for her revenge plot… and actually loves Joo Seung. However, this evolves into a type 7 when Ah-Ran develops some feelings for Hyun Woo. This doesn't stop her from trying to kill him. TWICE.'. This later gets turned on its head when Hyun Woo reenters her life as Ahn Jae Sung and seduces her; she slowly becomes disenchanted with a increasingly jealous Joo Seung. This is further complicated by a second type 4. Ah-Ran only thinks that she's (C), but she is really (A), with Hyun Woo/Ahn Jae Sung (B) stringing her along, and Jae Hee as (C).
  • Magic Plastic Surgery: As part of his plot to get revenge on Ah-Ran, Hyun-Woo gets extensive plastic surgery on his face and even alters his voice. However, it does come with drawbacks: the operation is life threatening, he spends nights in pain before the bandages come off, and he's forced to take medication even after.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: If Ah-Ran hadn't driven Sang Mo to suicide, his sister, Sang Ah, would never have come to Korea to find out the truth… nor would she have teamed up with Hyun Woo and become one his best allies…
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Shin Hyeon Min and his assistant and later girlfriend, Kim Yeon-jae.
  • The Reveal:
    • Ah-Ran and Jae Hee are unknowingly sisters.
    • Ah-Ran's father had knowledge of Kyun-Hee's affair and the truth about Joo Seung's parentage. In order to protect their secret, Kyung-Hee sabotaged the fork-lift Ah-Ran's father drove in order to kill him. To make matters worse, she never intended for Ah-Ran's mother to die too…
  • Revenge Before Reason: Ah-Ran has a bad case of this. So does Joo Seung, but to a lesser extent.
  • Secret Identity: Hyun Woo transforms himself into the impressive Ahn Jae Sung, while Jung Sang Ah approaches Ah-Ran as Julie Chung.
  • Your Cheating Heart:
    • Ah-Ran and Joo Seung continue their relationship behind Hyun Woo's back. However, by episode two, he's on to them...
    • As it turns out, Kyung-Hee had an affair, resulting in Joo Seung's birth.


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