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"Would you like to talk about TV Tropes, or Kevin Bacon?"
Let's Talk!

Canadian Game Show produced by CBC Vancouver (syndicated into the United States as well) where a pair of contestants chose one of two subjects to "talk about" and had 20 seconds each to rapidly explain the subject while trying to hit as many of the 10 keywords related to the subject as possible. Each word was worth a point, and getting all 10 awarded 10 points to the team and a bonus prize. But, if they did not hit all 10 words, the opposing team could steal the points by guessing the topic from the words that weren't revealed. The first team to 15 points became the champion.

The show ran briefly in America (1989-90), plus repeats a few years later on the USA Network and on Canadian GSN equivalent GameTV), but the format managed to go to a few other countries. Most notable is the United Kingdom, where Andrew O'Connor helmed a version of the show (re-titled TalkAbout) as a daytime fixture on ITV from 1990-93.

Game Show Tropes in use:

  • Bonus Round:
    • Pick one more subject, and throw your partner in an isolation booth. Talk about the subject for 20 seconds as usual, each word is worth $100 (or you automatically win $2,000 if you get all 10). Then, if elected, the partner can try to guess one of the unrevealed words in a certain time period (one second for each word revealed) to double the winnings, in addition to a bonus prize.
    • The UK version mixed it up a bit; the words were worth £20 each, and the player could either Double (partner tries to guess one of the unsaid words in 10 seconds to double the winnings) or Double-Double (guess the specific word the partner will guess, with one second per-unrevealed word, for quadruple the winnings).
  • Celebrity Edition: Celebrity Talkabout, which aired exclusively on CBC in 1989.
  • Game Show Winnings Cap: Winning five games in a row also won the progressive "Grand Game Jackpot".
  • Home Game: It was also the Consolation Prize.
  • Personnel:

This show provides examples of:

  • Catchphrase:
    • "Would you like to talk about x, or y?"
    • " - and I'll put this in quotations - " for when the subject was a proper name of a character or series.
    • "Twenty seconds on the clock... talk about ... (insert subject here)"
  • Opening Narration: "Let's talk! Whether the subject is (insert random subjects here), it's something you hear about when we all play, TalkAbout! And now, here's the man that has everybody talking, Wayne Cox!"
  • Title Drop: Unavoidable, as having to talk about things is the whole point of the game. It's deliberately invoked, too, in the brief introduction portion of the show. The host asks one player to "talk about" the other, whereas typically even in team-based game shows a player will introduce him/herself.

"Now, select another topic to talk about: Miraculous Ladybug, or Lionsgate?"