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STARStreet is a British children’s TV series on CITV, starring the pop group allSTARS* — Sandi, Thaila, Ashley, Rebecca and Sam. The show ran for two series and 23 episodes between 2001 and 2002. The show followed the life of the band and the adventures they had in their Magical Realism house.

STARStreet contains examples of:

  • Magical Realism: The house the band share might look like a normal—if strangly built—house, but inside lots of strange things happen, including getting sucked into the sofa, getting shrunk, and being mind swapped. Oh, and there's a living hand in the fridge that started to walk around the house as of series two.
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  • Once an Episode: The band will sing one of their songs, either a song from their album, a single or a B-side once an episode. Sometimes even twice an episode.


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