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Sorry! was a BBC Brit Com which initially ran from 1981 to 1982, and then from 1985 to 1988. It stars Ronnie Corbett as Timothy Lumsden, an (initially) 41 year old man who lives at home with his domineering mother Phylis and henpecked father Sidney. Timothy longs to leave home and find love, but his mother is always against the idea, and will try to manipulate him to staying at home. Rounding out the cast is his sister Muriel, who successfully left home and married, and Kevin, who along with Muriel, try to convince Timothy to leave his mother.

Came 77th in Britains Best Sitcom.

Has nothing to do with the board game.

Tropes in this sitcom:

  • Basement Dweller: Timothy is an (initially) 41-year-old who lives with his parents. In a version of this trope, he does want to move out, he is just too cowed by his mother to do so successfully.
  • Birthday Episode: "It Never Rained In Those Days" focuses on the Lumsden family trying to give Phylis a birthday celebration, which naturally goes wrong.
  • Catchphrase: "Language, Timothy!", usually said by Sydney in response to something which has been misunderstood to be offensive.
  • Christmas Episode: A 10 minute Christmas themed episode was included as part of The Funny Side of Christmas, which aired in 1982.
  • Daydream Surprise: The episode "Curse of the Mummy" has a scene in the middle of the episode where Timothy falls down the stairs as he's trying to escape with Muriel. From there, the episode gets more bizarre, ending with a sequence where the train is pulling away with Muriel on it and without Timothy. It is only then that we find that everything since Timothy fell down the stairs had been All Just a Dream.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Timothy's dreams in "Perchance To Dream" (where he dreams that his job interviewer is his headmaster) are in black and white.
  • Discreet Dining Disposal: One episode has Timothy try to dispose of his mother’s food by putting it in a wellington boot which was in the same room.
  • Embarrassing Animal Suit: Thanks to his mother deciding to wash all of his trousers at once, Timothy is forced to meet Annette in a cat costume from one of the plays which he participated in.
  • Extreme Doormat: Timothy will obey his mother's orders, not matter how ridiculous they are. One example is him going to his father because he had water on the knee, even though he's had that for years.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: No matter how hard Timothy tries, he will always be unsuccessful in escaping the clutches of his mother.
  • Imagine Spot: Timothy has two of these in "The Big Sleep" which both focus he on what would happen if he died. The first one has his friends and colleagues would forget about him almost immediately whilst the second has his parents mourning at his graveside, only for it to be revealed that he actually had a son and that he was actually quite important.
  • Impossible Pickle Jar: One of the reasons that Timothy's mother prefers his cousin Brinsley is that he's capable of opening the pickled Walnut jar whilst Timothy wasn't able to. Timothy is eventually able to open the jar, although he does ask his cousin if he loosened the lid to help him (Brinsley denies this).
  • In-Series Nickname: Timothy usually refers to his sister Muriel as "Mu".
  • It's a Wonderful Plot: One episode had this plot. Notably, the library was a less welcoming place without Timothy's influence, and his mother was a lonely old woman who kept talking to her lapdog, Timothy.
  • Mistaken for Dying: Timothy spends the episode "The Big Sleep" believing that he only has 24 hours to live. Turns out there was a mix-up and the Doctor actually only wanted to keep him in for 24 hours.
  • Movie-Theater Episode: "Does Your Mother Know You're Out" focuses on Timothy trying to win a bet that he can go see Gone with the Wind at the movie theater with Caroline. The first time, he's forced to join his parents, who end up causing a commotion and them being kicked out. The second time, his insistence on the movie causes Caroline to storm out on him. The final time, the seats are filled up before he and his friend are able to get tickets.
  • MacGuffin: The Golden Rabbit featured in "The Rabbit and the Pussycat", which Timothy spends the episode looking for (it commands a high price apparently).
  • My Beloved Smother: Phylis refuses to accept that Timothy is forty-six and smothers Timothy hopelessly as if he were still a child, despite all his attempts to escape. (She gives Timothy's sister very short shrift, in comparison).
  • No Navel, Novel Birth: In the It's a Wonderful Plot episode, Timothy ends up losing his belly button because "he was never born".
  • Pantomime Animal: The second episode has Timothy become the backend of a pantomime horse with Zac as part of Cinderella, despite attempting to argue otherwise.
  • Parental Marriage Veto: It's explained that part of the reason that Muriel was able to free herself from her mother's grasp was that Phylis did not approve of her marriage to Kevin.
  • Rejected Marriage Proposal: One episode had Timothy propose marriage to a bridesmaid named Elizabeth, only for her to turn him down. Apparently, this was because she thought he was a gold-digger.
  • Shout-Out: Timothy's middle names are Christopher and Robin.
  • Staircase Tumble: Happens to Timothy in "Curse of the Mummy". The end of the episode reveals that this is the point that it becomes a Dream Sequence.
  • The Un-Favourite: Phylis prefers Timothy over his sister Muriel, mainly because she was able to escape from her whilst Timothy wasn't.
  • Wedding Episode: "Could Do Better" focuses on the wedding between Frank and Jenny, with Timothy, having been chosen to become the Best Man, trying to make it to the wedding in time. Timothy also falls in love with one of the bridesmaids present at the wedding, Elizabeth, to the point of proposing to her (although she turns him down).