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Smartskalle (literally 'smart skull' or 'wise guy') is a Swedish children's edutainment show, or 'science show for children', as The Other Wiki calls it. It stars Tobbe Blom as the host, along with his Mooks — 'smartskallarna', who are played by Fredrik Lexfors, Daniel Ottosson, Ebba Wallmén, and Alex Kantsjö. They take such concepts as static electricity, Newtons laws, magnetism, various 'parental lies', and a lot of unrelated things, and present them in a way which is both understandable to children and actually pretty funny.


It shares more than a few similarities with Brainiac: Science Abuse (even down to the title), but is directed at a far younger audience. Plus, it has different actors! In Swedish!

Smartskalle provides examples of these tropes...

  • Affectionate Parody: Billy-Bob Joe and Joe-Bob Billy — the two hosts for the sideshow 'The American Way'.
  • Catchphrase: Howdy, folks! Billy-Bob Joe here with Joe-Bob Billy, and we're going to show you how to make this article — the American Way!
  • Content Warnings:
    Tobbe: WARNING! The show you are about to see may be offensive to sensitive scientists.
  • Glasses Pull: This Once an Episode exchange between Joe-Bob Billy and Billy-Bob Joe.
    BBJ: X?
    JBB: Check!
    BBJ: X?
    JBB: Check!
    BBJ: Safety glasses?
    Both: Check!
    BBJ: Now it's time to X...
    JBB: The American Way!
  • Gratuitous English: Rampant in 'the American Way'.
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  • IN SPACE!: A strain of common experiments is seeing if the Smartskallar kan do something relatively mundane...but under water!
  • Mad Scientist: Once again, Tobbe Blom. The site lists the fears of the Smartskallar — one of them is 'when Tobbe laughs his crazy laugh'.


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