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Silver Kamen is a 1971 Henshin Hero show using many of the staff from Ultraseven (writer Shozo Uehara, director Akio Jissoji, composer Toru Fuyuki) that lasted 26 episodes.

Four siblings must protect the secret of their father's creation — a rocket that can travel interstellarly. Armed with laser pistols, they fight against the Uchuujin. One of the siblings can transform into Silver Kamen, a masked and silver-suited hero, when things get rough!

The series was retooled 10 episodes in and turned into an Ultraman clone, with Silver Kamen growing to giant size and the siblings using the rocket to travel interplanetary to stop the Uchuujin.


Silver Kamen provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Delayed Explosion: The monster would usually burst into flames first as a result of the finisher.
  • Monster of the Week
  • Retool: Ended up doing more harm than good, as the show suffered even lower ratings after the retool.


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