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Sedem Chasa Razlika (Bulgarian: Седем часа разлика, literally "Seven Hours Difference", though "Seven Timezones Apart" or something would be more appropriate) is a Bulgarian series that started in late 2011.

The plot has two main theatres of development, Sofia and New York. The story revolves around several groups of individuals: the school senior Teo and his family, the families of court judge Tanya Stoeva, her best friend Mihail 'Miloto' Mihaylov, who is a crime boss, a young idealistic prosecutor and a Russian mob boss harassing Tanya Steva's brother Boyan, who owns a bar in New York.


The series begin with Teo, who has just hooked up with his classmate Maya. Menawhile Tanya Stoeva, who is her mother, is appointed judge on a trial against Mihail Mihaylov building a hotel in a nature park. As Teo's mother rebukes him for his relationship and warns him to stay away from the girl as the people around Tanya Stoeva and her daughter are not to be trifled with, the boy clashes with Radoslav 'Roki' Mihailov - Miloto's son and Maya's former boyfriend. Not long after Teo and Maya are attacked as they sleep and Maya is raped. Though Roki is initially charged with the crime, Tanya and several other parties investigate the case independently. This and Miloto's trial trigger a cascade of intrigues and gambits as each party faces an unknown enemy. As the plot advances, the fates of these and other characters intertwine in unpredictable ways and dirty secrets are being uncovered.


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