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Series / Secret Life Of The Human Pups

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Secret Life of the Human Pups was a 2016 documentary that aired on Channel 4 exploring the world of men who dress up as dogs, a subculture that was largely obscure until now.

This show provides examples of:

  • Deconstruction: It's a documentary but doesn't show the furry fandom in a manner that's either pro- or anti-, but covering the issue in a way that Reality Ensues.
  • No Antagonist: The only conflict in the documentary comes from life issues affecting the individuals, and their partners, but there's no villain or antagonist otherwise.
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  • Overshadowed by Controversy: It was one of the most controversial programmes on Channel 4 of 2016, and even turned into Twitter discussion.
  • Point-and-Laugh Show: Averted. Word of God is that this show was a documentary.
  • Reality Ensues: We see the effect of it on the individual's partner.
  • YIFF: It's about the furry fandom, but taken Up to Eleven.

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