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Safe Harbor was a short-lived 1999 series from The WB, created by Brenda Hampton.

Following the death of his wife, sheriff John Loring (Gregory Harrison) and his three sons, Hayden (Christopher Khayman Lee), Turner (Jeremy Lelliot), and Jeff (Jamie Williams), move to a motel on the beach. The motel is owned by Grandma Loring (the late Rue McClanahan), a former magician's assistant. Some storylines involve Hayden's romance with Hayley (Alison Lohman), teenage runaway Jamie (Chyler Leigh) trying to fit into the family, and Jeff's adventures with his "cosmic twin", Chris (Orlando Brown).

The show lasted for ten episodes before it was canceled.

Not to be confused with the American equivalent of Watershed.


Safe Harbor provides examples for the following tropes:

  • Missing Mom: The Loring brothers' mom was murdered before the series.
  • Short-Runners: Lasted for ten episodes, almost no one—outside, it seems, of the Power Rangers fandom due to three people from the series (two actors, one stunt coordinator/co-producer/executive producer) showing up in this series—knows it exists.


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