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SWAG was a British Candid Camera Prank–based show with a crime theme (most of the sketches were based on sting operations). It consisted of two seasons, which were produced by Guy Ritchie for Channel Five between 2002 and 2004.

Recurring gags included;

  • A truck trailer filled with (empty) boxes to entice thieves. When a "victim" entered, the doors would be slammed shut and the sides would be removed to reveal that it was a cage in which the thief is driven around town (in the style of a freak show).
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  • A "bait car" which was left on the street. When theives or joy riders tried to steal it, it the doors would lock and subject them to some sort of humiliation (forcing them to take part in a quiz, filling with foam, playing annoying music).
  • A house which would contain some sort of surprise for would-be burglars, such as being "haunted", already being burgled, etc.

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