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"Rita" is a Danish TV series that started in 2012. It is about Rita Madsen, a Snark Knight teacher. She is a single mother, has a best friend in Hjørdis, and frequently deals with Political Correctness Gone Mad. Se had a relation with Rasmus, the principal, and then broke with him. She became principal herself, but was fired because of a plot to ensure that the school was financed.

Then she moved to her home city and worked at the school of her teenager years, meeting again her old friend Lea. The school was also closed, so she started a new one at her home.


  • Bathroom Stall Graffiti: Rita frequently smokes in the school's bathroom, reads the graffiti in there, and sometimes writes (or fixes) something herself.
  • The Lancer: Hjørdis, Rita's best friend. She's kind and sweet in everything where Rita is snarking.
  • Not Under the Parents' Roof: Jeppe wonders with his boyfriend if it's acceptable for them to have sex at home. He replied that it should be, because they can hear Rita and Rasmus having all the action in the other room
  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore: Rita moves to a new city. Except for her, and Hjørdis and her boyfriend who followed her, none of the cast remained (they eventually returned in later seasons).
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad
    • There is a bully at school, and the parents of both the bully and the bullied met to talk about it. The first one wanted to apologize for the actions of his son, but found instead that it was parents of the bullied kid the ones who wanted to "apologize". He found the reasons to be StealthInsults ("Are you saying that because I moved, I can't raise my kid properly?", "Are you suggesting that being poor means you can't set apart good from wrong?", etc). Eventually, he had to slap them, and say "sorry"
    • The school makes a field expedition, and one of the kids gets lost. Rita asks the ranger for help, and points that's it's a boy that looks Asian. Instead of going to search for him, the ranger asks for insane clarifications. First, a boy? Does he perceive himself as male, as female, or as non-binary? Second, Asian? That's the largest continent! From which country do this kid's ancestors come from? Rita eventually leaves to try to find the kid on her own, while the ranger shouted that she's a homophobe and a racist.
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  • Really Gets Around: Rita has no problem having sex with complete strangers she barely knows.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Rita, the new principal, ordered the students to underperform in the exams. This gave the school a very low rating, and automatically increased the state budget for it. The mayor realized the trick and fired Rita, but she did not mind. The school really needed that money, and she got it.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Rita is always smoking. At home, at school, in the street...
  • Working with the Ex: Rita broke with Rasmus, but he was still the principal, and he had to work with him. And even worse, he later left the school to a political position, and the new principal was Helle... the woman that Rasmus left Rita for.