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Police Stop! is a British TV series, narrated by Graham Cole (who portrayed PC Tony Stamp in The Bill). It lasted from 1994 until 2002, and originally began on video in 1993, before becoming a TV series on Sky One from 1996 onwards, with Police Stop! 5.

The show was the forerunner of Police, Camera, Action! but, ironically, its Companion Show outlived it.

It stopped airing in 2002, and hopes of a Revival continue.


  • Deadpan Snarker: Some episodes' narration falls into this at times, especially in Police Stop! 9, which has this quote about horses on motorways:
    Long ago, these guys were the business... Nowadays, if you don't drink diesel, you can't compete...
  • Filler: Technically, it wasn't meant to be, but ITV 4's policy of shoehorning it away into the early-morning slots is one way to treat it as. Police Stop! at 7:00am - obviously treated as.
  • Once an Episode: Any of these things:
    • Public Domain Soundtrack (remixed for 1994 - 2000)
    • Metropolitan Police footage
    • A DUI (driving-under-the-influence) test from U.S. police
    • Archive footage from police in the East Midlands, United Kingdom (usually between 1989 and 1993) utilising VASCAR or system.
    • Police chases from the United States of America or Canada (if it's from Canada the video camera has a different on-screen display).
    • The dangers of heavy goods vehicles
    • A run-down of safety statistics. (This is not an Incredibly Lame Pun)
    • Scandinavian drivers behaving badly, and humorous police commentary.
    • The dangers of winter driving with archive American news footage, or Stock Footage
    • Conus Archive, if you read the end credits.
  • Very Special Episode: Police Stop! 8 plays this straight, with it being mainly about safety. Also, Police Stop! 9 which was on the dangers of heavy goods vehicles/trucks.