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When we say "PLAY WITH ME", You say "SESAME!"

Play With Me, Sesame! is a spinoff series based on Sesame Street. It hit on the air on Noggin from 2002-2007. Then it was moved to PBS Kids Sprout for 2007-2015 and currently now on HBO for 2016-present. The show had Sesame Street characters like Ernie playing Ernie's says, Play computer games with Bert, Share your art with Prairie Dawn, and move and grove with Grover.

Show format:

  • Game of Ernie Says
  • Classic Sesame Street Moment
  • When We Say Play with Me, You say Sesame! bumper
  • Classic Sesame Street Moment
  • Computer games with Bert (Pigeon Pattern, Perfect Pair, Oatmeal Art), or sometimes Ernie (for Ducks in a row)
  • The Play with Art Show with Prairie Dawn (When it aired on PBS Kids Sprout, It had whoever hosted The Sunny Side Up Show display the art)
  • Classic Sesame Street Moment
  • Kids Home Recorded Video Moment
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  • Classic Sesame Street Moment
  • Move and Groove with Grover.
  • Closing theme

This show provides the example of:

  • Every Episode Ending: They do a goodbye version what ever song was used on Grover's Move and Groove segment. And results into their signature laugh.
  • Rewritten Pop Version: The show's opening theme song is a rewritten version of Somebody Come and Play.

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