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Series / Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin

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Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin is an upcoming Spin-Off sequel series from the Pitch Perfect trilogy. It's set to premiere in 2022 on Peacock.

The series will follow Bumper Allen, the former leader of the Treblemakers, as he moves to Germany to restart his music career when one of his songs gets popular there.

Reprising his role, the series will star Adam DeVine. The cast also includes Sarah Hyland as Heidi, the assistant to Pieter Kramer (Flula Borg, reprising his role from Pitch Perfect 2), and Jameela Jamil as Gisela, a rival musician serving as the villain of the series.


  • Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job: The trailer shows Bumper working as a security guard at Barden University.
  • Military Brat: Heidi comes from an American military family that got stationed in Germany and then never moved away.
  • Sequel Goes Foreign: Sort of; the series takes place in Germany, while the first Pitch Perfect took place exclusively in the U.S., but the second and third movies also took place in Europe.

Alternative Title(s): Bumper In Berlin