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A drama series set in the lower reaches of British political life, following characters in the Labour and Conservative parties and their interlinked romantic and political struggles in the run up to a by-election in the Labour heartland.


  • Scott Foster: the son of a Labour MP from Oop North, he works as a lobbyist and parties hard.
  • Danny Foster: the adorkable younger brother of Scott. Danny is the "oldest researcher in Westminster" at 26. He works for Jo Porter and is very idealistic. Has a major crush on Kirsty
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  • Jo Porter: a government minister finding front-line politics stressful. Has young children at home, and a husband who thinks she shouldn't work so hard.
  • Kirsty Mckenzie: the intern in Jo Porter's office, ambitious and careerist.
  • James Northcote: Jo's opposition shadow. Is having an affair with Ashika.
  • Ashika Chandaramani: James' highly ambitious researcher.
  • Matt Baker: James' other researcher. A Gay Conservative.


This series provides examples of:

  • Autobots, Rock Out!:
    Scott: It calls for something important to mark the momentous day that I decided to save Dad's seat!
    Danny: What!
    Scott: Oh Yeah!
    Danny: You're gonna play THE SONG!
    Scott: It calls for The Song Danny, it calls for The Song!
  • British Political System
  • British Brevity: Only the one series, and the stars have moved on to costume drama and Doctor Who - such is the world of the BBC.
  • Drugs Are Bad: When cocaine has been taken, look for something bad to happen quite quickly.
  • Everybody Has Lots of Sex: If this show is to be believed, all of Whitehall is at it with each other.
  • Gay Bravado: Scott and Jake
    Scott: Come on Wendy, strap your thighs around my engine!
  • Gay Tory: Matt
  • Instant Humiliation: Just Add Village Vermin!: Village Vermin is the chat board that everyone in politics seems to read in this universe. Post something, no matter how absurd or twisted, and all of a sudden, everyone seems to have heard about it, and most likely believe it.
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  • Power Is Sexy: Presumably the basis of Ashika and James' relationship.
  • The Un Favourite: Scott is his mother's favourite, much to Danny's annoyance. She even says to him "Danny, you have always had the unerring knack of making a bollocks of everything!" Loudly. In the middle of a restaurant. Scott, however, isn't a mummy's boy. He describes her as a "psycological terrorist".
  • Token Minority: Ashika is painfully aware that she is seen by older Tories as being this, despite being good at her job. Matt feels the same way, being a gay Tory.
  • Your Cheating Heart: James is cheating on his wife with Ashika.


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