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Series / Our Gay Wedding: The Musical

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"It's gayer than Glee!"
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness, well. To witness something so extraordinary and historic. A day I thought I'd never live to see. As of Saturday the 29th of March 2014, we gays can get married. Not a civil partnership, the works; full equality, at last. So, let me introduce two grooms: Benjamin and Nathan, who wanted to celebrate by sharing their wedding - their actual wedding - with all of us. Along with some fabulous guests they will tell us how they fell in love, and how we came so, so far. And because Benjamin's a composer, and Nathan's an actor and singer, they're doing it all in a rather special way."
Stephen Fry, the opening speech

Our Gay Wedding: The Musical was one of the first same-sex weddings in the United Kingdom, performed on the day that marriage equality was legalised therenote , 29th March 2014. It was recorded and then aired on Channel 4 two days later, marking the start of the channel's new trend of very gay programming (along with February 2014's controversial Gay Mountain).

Benjamin Till, a musical composer and musical documentary director, was engaged to actor Nathan Taylor after the announcement that marriage equality was to be recognised again in England and Wales from March 2014note . Following the repeal, England and Wales became the 17th and 18th countries to permit same-sex marriagesnote . Till then got in touch with Channel 4 and pitched his idea of having his ceremony as a Sung Through Musical.


After an opening speech from Stephen Fry regarding the momentous occasion, a pre-recorded clip of family and friends singing a song of messages that the couple received upon announcing their impending nuptials whilst making their way to the hallnote  is played. The wedding-musical is entirely sung through except for two lines announcing recognition that legally have to be spoken. It also features a short video recounting the history and progression of homosexuality in England and Wales, another about the state of the world regarding homosexuality, and a pseudo-newscast that "interrupts" regular broadcastingnote . Some of it was shot in Australia.

Nathan and Benjamin met on the set of Boy George's musical Taboo, Nathan performing and Ben the musical director. Amongst other notable members of the UK gay community, Boy George makes a special appearance. The whole musical is "written and composed by Benjamin & Nathan - the grooms, featuring Noëlle & Celia - their mothers, Samantha & Edward - the MCs, officiated by Franschene & John - the registrars, and some very special guests." Thank god everyone they know lives in a Musical and so can sing really well.



  1. "OMG!"
  2. "Brand New Future"
  3. "Ladies and Gentlemen"
  4. "God Only Knows (What I'd Be Without You)" feat. The Feeling
  5. "Franschene's Script/I Know No Reason"
  6. "Let the Sun Light Shine/Feel the Love" feat. Alison Jiear
  7. "A Little Respect" feat. Andy Bell
  8. "Let's Get To Know The Grooms (I Love Him)"
  9. "Franschene's Script/I Know No Reason (reprise)"
  10. "Changing Expectations (My Children Make Me Proud)"
  11. "Franschene's Script: Introducing the Vows"
  12. "Benjamin, I Love You (Nathan's Vows)"
  13. "'Gay': A Young Lad/Love Conquers All (Benjamin's Vows)"
  14. "Ladies and Gentlemen (reprise)"
  15. "Make Your Own Kind of Music" feat. Hannah Waddingham and The London Gay Men's Chorus
  16. "It Gets Better/Love Conquers All" feat. Sharon D. Clarke
  17. "Franschene's Script: You May Now Kiss The Groom"
  18. "Love Is Everyone (Under the Sun)" (feat. Michael Ball, The Overtones, Katherine Kingsley, Rufus Hound, Lesley Garrett, Sharon Bushman, Christopher Sieber, Kevin Burrows, The Rebel Chorus)



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