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Chris Hardwick hosts the TV version of his popular podcast of the same name.

Host Chris Hardwick — comedian, writer, Doctor Who fan, host of @midnight, and creator of the hit Nerdist blog and podcast — joins special guests in a comedic round-table discussion of all the things that nerds love, from pop culture to news, tech trends and more.

The show is a televised version of Hardwick's very popular "Nerdist" podcast, and some of the edited interviews on the show are available as full 45-50 minutes interviews on the podcast.The show airs on BBC America, and features actors and other celebrities big in the nerd world (or self-proclaimed nerds themselves) such as Wil Wheaton, Craig Ferguson, Felicia Day, etc.

Also has a YouTube channel, which features new Farscape minisodes and Neil's Puppet Dreams starring Neil Patrick Harris, among other cool things.


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