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My First First Love is a Korean coming of age drama TV series produced by the Korean production company AStory and distributed by Netflix. Its two seasons, each eight episodes long, were released in 2019.

Yun Tae-O, a university student from a well-off family, moves out from his father and step-mother's house into his own comfortable bachelor pad after his 20th birthday. At least, that's what he thinks, until three years later, when he comes home one day and finds three friends and acquaintances of his waiting for him - and all of them need to crash at his place for a while. They are Dan Song-i, his best friend since childhood (and first crush) who finds herself suddenly homeless, Choe Hun, a friend from college who dreams of making it as a musical actor, and O Ga-rin, the heiress to a family Tae-O's family knows who has escaped from her controlling mother. Stuck with each other, the group learns to live together as friendships and romances blossom.



  • Abusive Parents: Hun's father is physically abusive towards him and forced him to leave behind all of his possessions that he had paid for, even his clothes, when he threw him out.
  • Betty and Veronica:
    • Tae-O's two love interests throughout the series are his down-to-Earth, friendly childhood friend Song-i (Betty) and the worldly, wealthy Se-hyeon (Veronica).
    • Song-i has one of her own with her being torn between her Jerk with a Heart of Gold long time friend Tae-O (Veronica) and the hard-working, friendly, working class Do-hyeon (Betty).
  • Driven to Suicide: Subverted; in episode 2, Song-i heads to a bridge and pours out her troubles to the suicide hotline phone nearby, but it doesn't appear that she was actually intending to jump.
  • First Girl Wins: Song-i is the first character Tae-o's age introduced on screen and the one he ends up with in the end.
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  • Gilded Cage: Ga-rin grew up in luxury, but her mother isolated her from the outside world, prompting her to escape and hide out at Tae-O's house.
  • School of No Studying: Even though Tae-o, Song-i and Do-hyeon are all college students, Tae-o and Do-hyeon's studies are very rarely brought up and the school is mostly used as a setting for their scenes. Song-i is a lesser case; we do see plenty of her studying architecture and working on projects, but it doesn't factor into the overall story much.