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Mission Top Secret was an Australian TV series, where a group of kids make an organization named Alpha Centauri, and spend resources fighting against an evil organization composed of mainly one persistent individual, Neville Savage.

The first season featured missions in several foreign locales, and was made as a co-production with television producers in those countries. Von Steinforth, the villain-of-the-week from the episode set in Germany, was the Ensemble Dark Horse of the series, and returned as a recurring antagonist in the second season.


This work provides examples of:

  • Big Bad: Neville Savage.
  • Cliffhanger: Every episode.
  • Easily Forgiven: After the children are annoyed about the ruses sent by the infected AI and leave Alpha Centauri, they happily come back because even computers make mistakes (not to mention they now know it was sabotage).
  • Harmless Lady Disguise: Neville Savage once disguised himself as an old lady with his accomplice pushing "her" wheelchair. It allowed him to pass under the protagonists' nose, but they later find the discarded costume.
  • Hollywood Hacking: Both the character, and the Pac-Man cleanup-procedure used to remove the virus-infection.
  • Interrogation by Vandalism: Neville Savage uses this to interrogate a museum curator. He was even using fakes, which made stark contrast with his decision to execute the curator and his son (along with the heroes' mentor) later in the same arc.
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  • Jail Bake: At the start of the second season, the security of the prison Neville Savage is about to escape is demonstrated by having the guards screen all incoming mail with an X-ray machine. The lead guard then triumphantly pulls a file out of a cake.
  • Magic Tool: Those handheld calculators allow the children to communicate, and can even pick a lock using electricity.
  • Meaningful Name: Savage.
  • Multi-Part Episode: Each episode is in a group of four. First is the introduction, details get discovered in the next two, and the last has everything resolved.
  • Trouble Follows You Home: Savage finally decides to attack the AI by having it infected it with a Computer Virus.
  • Voice Changeling: On his first appearance, Von Steinforth uses a voice-changer to mimic the voice of one of the heroes, and lure the Centauri network's adult patron into a trap.
    • In another, Savage wants to use a permanent one to steal a tenor's voice.