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A 2014 romantic comedy that aired on ABC. It centers around New York newcomer Dana Hopkins (Lio Tipton) and her budding relationship with Peter Cooper (Jake McDorman), a native New Yorker.

The show was quickly cancelled, being the first casualty of the Fall 2014 new shows. It was cancelled after only four episodes were aired. The remaining seven episodes were shown on Hulu.

This series contains examples of:

  • Beta Couple: David and Amy Cooper. David is Peter's half-brother, and Amy is Dana's former sorority sister (along with her roommate).
  • Gay Best Friend: Tucker, Dana's boss at the publishing company where she works. He mostly exists to hang out with her (sometimes much more than her own boyfriend Peter), giving her useful advice. Tucker's love life stays entirely offscreen, with him mentioning his boyfriend but never seeing him. It's somewhat justified as he's a supporting character, and he broke up with his boyfriend.
  • The Gimmick: The series tries to set itself apart from the pack by having voiceovers read the main characters' minds.
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  • Insistent Terminology: Peter doesn't read comic books, but graphic novels. Interestingly, he's shown reading comic books rather than trade paperbacks, making his argument fairly weak.
  • LARP: Dana turns out to like playing a female elven archer. She's afraid Peter will mock her for it and at first pretends that the event is for something else. However when he finds out Peter's fine with it and plays a bit as well, getting into the game.
  • Love Confession: In the series finale, Dana and Peter confess their love for each other at last, cementing the two's relationship.
  • Master Archer: Dana plays one during her LARP retreat, a female elf who's very good with her bow. We never see Dana miss while playing.
  • Mills and Boon Prose: Dana has to edit a "light porn" novel that's full of turgid phrases. With the help of the other characters she manages to edit it into something better.
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  • The Missus and the Ex: Colin, Dana's ex-boyfriend whom she was seeing before Peter, shows up again at the end of the series. He openly admits that he's trying to get Dana back, which naturally makes Peter defensive but she makes it clear she's not going for Colin.
  • Nice Girl: Dana is always sweet and caring, beating up on herself when she does anything even slightly bad while letting other people get their way often as where it's also detrimental.
  • Pac Man Fever: One episode has Peter playing Killer Instinct on the Xbox 360. Good enough... until he reveals he was talking to another player on the headset and refers to him as "Blue Team Leader," something a one-on-one fighting game absolutely wouldn't have.
  • Sorry, I'm Gay: Chloe, annoyed by her mom's annual attempts to set her up with a guy, says she's a lesbian. It doesn't work out-not to be deterred, upon hearing this her mom brings in a young Butch Lesbian for her. Chloe plays along briefly, but she then comes clean that she's straight.
  • Straight Gay: Tucker is a very proper Englishman, always using the RP accent, wears tweed jackets usually (or suits as formal wear), and is also gay. He soon turns into the Gay Best Friend to Dana. She's unsure if he's gay at first, with the episode introducing the two's friendship even titled "Gay or British?"
  • Their First Time: Dana and Peter lament how something always comes up and interrupts them or ruins their night before they actually do the act. They finally manage to after many hurdles.
  • Twofer Token Minority: Chloe, who's half-Latina on her mother's side, is the only person of color in the main cast (her mother appears once too).
  • Wedding Episode: One episode centers around the drama of bringing a new boyfriend to a wedding, when Dana does this with Peter. The whole episode is set at the wedding of Amy and David's friend. Said friend is soon very annoyed as Amy and David dance before her. Then Dana and Peter follow suit, to even more annoyance.
  • Will They or Won't They?: The series is centered around whether Dana and Peter get (and stay) together.