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Life With Bonnie was an American sitcom that ran for two seasons (2002–04) on ABC starring Bonnie Hunt.

Local TV show host Bonnie Molloy has the life of a sort-of celebrity. Sometimes her fans actually remember her name. But when it comes to her family life, a little fame goes a long way. Especially when her husband and children catch a glimmer of themselves in the supposedly true anecdotes mom tells her morning viewers.


This sitcom provides examples of:

  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Samantha Molloy flat-out vanished between Season 1 and Season 2. This example is especially disconcerting since she was the main character's 12-year-old daughter in a show that had many, many "family at home" scenes.
  • House Fire: David's house burns down in the season 2 premiere thanks to Bonnie making him late. She has him stay at her house.
  • Show Within a Show: Morning Chicago Bonnie's talk show

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