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A new Reality Game Show from the producers of Canada's Worst Driver, which (when you factor in the drivers themselves) could easily be considered its logical Anti Thesis, since its a competition where good driving will be greatly rewarded, with $10,000 worth of restoration for their respective used car (and the ability to compete in a $50,000 tournament of champions). Its basically a Minigame Game; whoever does the worst in a particular challenge gets eliminated by having their car (well, we just hope its a stand-in like Downfall did) picked up and skewered on a giant "spike of shame". Of course, the challenges get more abusive and ridiculous as the game goes on, starting with the "Hot Lap" (a time trial doing laps around a small oval), and ending with the final "Beater Buster" course.


This series provides examples of

  • The Alleged Car: Subverted; they're not quite at that level, but the point of the competition is to win money to make their vehicle into more of a Cool Car.
    • If your car did not come in as an Alleged Car, it'll surely come out after the Beater Buster. If your engine dies in the middle of it, you can manually push it too!
    • Although Tom's Chevy Astro certainly is one. He admits he never changed the transmission fluid, and during the finals, it won't change from Drive to Reverse, then dies in the Suicide Lap.
  • Greed: The entire point of the $50,000 final episode, even though every cent goes to the car, not the owner.
  • Fun with Subtitles: Sometimes animated in a "scratchy" looking font for Rule of Cool.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: What happens to the non-winning cars.
  • Sore Loser: The owner of the Toyota 4Runner in the $50,000 season finals. When it's destroyed, he whines that it means a lot to him and he'll miss it... even though if it meant that much to him, he would have taken the $10,000 in restoration.


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