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Series / Kure Kure Takora

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Toku/Kaiju series which ran on Fuji TV in Japan from October 1, 1973, to September 27, 1974, for 260 episodes, each clocking in at about 2 and half minutes.The titular character is an anthropomorphic red octopus with a big head who lives in a tree in a forest, his catchphrase is "Kure Kure" (which roughly translates into "Gimme Gimme" or "I Want I Want" in English). His sidekick is "Chonbo", a humanoid squash. Other characters on the show are Debura, a badger who serves as an authority figure; Monro, a pink walrus, who all the male characters are in love with; Biragon, an iguana; To Ro-Ro, a mischievous jellyfish and Ikari, Hera Hera, Shiku Shiku, a trio of sea cucumbers.

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