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Take you kids to The Nickelodeon Kids' Court, The first show where kids' rules

Kids Court is a late 80's/mid 90's court show for kids. It's about kids who are having situation problems. The show was first aired on Nickelodeon. And it was hosted by the celebrity lawyer Paul Provenza. Each case would be solved by using The Honorable Judge O'Meter (A carboard rendering of an English judge with Wig, Has VU Meter for eyes and LED meter for Nose and Mouth). The meter can only be respond by the sound of the loud audience. The most loud noises the audience makes wins the case. During the show's closing credits, Host Paul Provenza would ask the kids in the audience on what their situation problem is. And would say "Is this fair or unfair?" And the audience would usually shout "UNFAIR!" in unison. During the commercial break, They would do a trivia question via You'll be the judge! Answer will reveal after the commercial break.


  • Catchphrase: There are many like:
    • Paul: Kids Court is Now in session! (Bangs his gavel)
    • Paul: Is this fair, or unfair? Audience: UNFAIR!
  • Dramatic Spotlight: During the show's opening sequence where two kids would argue what their situation problem is.
  • Every Episode Ending: During the closing credits, Paul Provenza would ask the kids in the studio audience on what their situation problem is.
  • Opening Narration: What you are about to see is based on a real case. The names and phrases were changed to protect the innocents. [Kids would argue on what their situation problem is]. Are you having situation problems? Need to sound off? Take your kids to Nickelodeon Kids Court! The first show for kids' rules! And now, Here is your lawyer, Paul Provenza!
  • Thing-O-Meter: The Honorable Judge O'Meter!

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