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Take your kids to the Nickelodeon Kids' Court, the first show where kids' rules

Kids Court is a 1988-1989 court show aimed at kids. The show was first aired on Nickelodeon hosted by the Paul Provenza. Each case would be solved by using The Honorable Judge O'Meter, a cardboard rendering of an English judge. The meter can only be responded to by the sound of the loud audience. The loudest noises the audience makes wins the case.

  • Catchphrase
    Paul: Kids Court is now in session!
    Paul: Is this fair, or unfair?
  • Dramatic Spotlight: During the show's opening sequence where two kids would argue what their situation problem is.
  • Every Episode Ending: During the closing credits, Paul Provenza would ask the kids in the studio audience on what their situation problem is.
  • Thing-O-Meter: The Honorable Judge O'Meter.

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