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Katy Keene is an American Dramedy television series based on the comic book series of the same name. It’s the second spinoff of Riverdale following Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the show is set in New York City a few years after the events in Riverdale. Lucy Hale stars as Katy, and Ashleigh Murray's Josie McCoy, introduced in Riverdale, is also a lead. Also appearing in the show are Jorge, Katy's friend who's a drag queen trying to make it on Broadway; Pepper Smith (pulled from Josie and the Pussycats) as an ultra-connected gossip columnist and The Cabot Twins, Alex and Alexandra (also pulled from Josie and The Pussycats) as ultra-rich media moguls.


This series provides examples of:

  • Bad Boss: Gloria Grandbilt.
  • Big Applesauce: The show is set in New York City, it's about 5 young people making their way and hustling through the city. Just in two episodes they've covered the nightlife, Uptown, Broadway and Central Park.
  • Camp Gay: Jorge, and it's Played for Drama. His family knows he's gay, but not that he's a drag queen. And he seems very uncomfortable with masculine presentation in regards to auditioning and tryouts.
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead: Josie has red hair in this show and as she is black she fits this trope.
  • Did You Actually Believe...?: After Alexander gets Josie an audition for a record deal, Alexandra puts her down. She then smugly asks if Josie thinks she's the first one of Alexander's flings he's tried to get signed on.
  • Drag Queen: Jorge; his drag persona goes by the name of Ginger Lopez.
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  • The Fashionista: Katy is fashion lover, and knows everything about how every outfit she has ever seen.
  • Fashion Designer: Katy is an aspiring fashion designer, having designed her own clothes ever since she was a child.
  • Jerkass: The casting director doesn't exactly hide his disdain for Jorge well.
  • Lighter and Softer: Unlike Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which are Darker and Edgier takes on Archie Comics, this one goes the other way and has a lighter tone closer to the original comics.
  • Mock Millionaire: Pepper flaunts being a high-living rich gal living it up in a posh hotel. It comes out she's run through her money, owes the hotel $60,000 and is clearly putting on some sort of act to her friends.
  • One of the Boys: Inverted with Jorge, who's friends with the girls.
  • Reality Ensues: Jorge, in full drag tells off a casting director about his casual femmephobia. It's presented as an empowering I Am What I Am moment, but then in the next episode, he later finds out he's basically blacklisted due to word going around about him mouthing off to said casting director.
  • The Rival: Amanda, for Katy.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Jorge decides to leave the theater after being rejected one time too many.
  • To Be Continued: The pilot ends in a cliffhanger where Kate says this.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Josie is not only upset she didn't win the audition, but at Alexander for using her in his Sibling Rivalry with his sister.


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