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Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls! is a special webisode series attached to Kamen Rider Ghost, featuring an exclusive appearance by the Legend Rider Ghost Eyecons and Damashii. It is composed of six individual installments which each showcase an Eyecon based on one of Ghost's preceeding six shows.


Tropes appearing in this series:

  • Back from the Dead: Each episode has Frey bring back a past Kamen Rider villain, necessitating the current Kamen Riders to use the Legend Rider Eyecon from that villain's show to defeat it.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: Like the Legend Rider Arms, Ghost and Specter call the Catchphrase of the Rider whose Damashii they are using.
  • Crosscast Role: Actress Ryo Ogawa portrays both the girl Freya and the boy Frey. Ironically, she uses a wig when portraying Freya while portraying Frey with her own short haircut.
  • Evil Counterpart / Central Theme: Each resurrected villain specifically represented the thematic counterpoint of their respective Rider. Ghost and Specter gain each Rider Eyecon from following the philosophies of their corresponding Rider:
    • Terror Dopant: To both Shotaro and Philip:
      • For Shotaro: Ryuubee's fear-inducing powers was a psychological obstacle for him to overcome and to truly follow in Soukichi Narumi's footsteps.
      • For Philip: Also, he's Philip's father, but after the boy was turned into the avatar of the Gaia Memory as a child, he was treated Philip as a tool than as a son.
      • For both together: Shotaro and Philip fight to protect the city from those who "make it cry", which Ryuubee, as the criminal kingpin who viewed the city as his and the Sonozakis' dominion and playground, falls under.
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    • Dinosaur Greeed: Both Eiji and Doctor Maki, because of their respective inner emptiness, became hosts of the desire-less Purple Core Medals and became Greeed embodying lack of a desire. However, Eiji's lacked a desire due to seeing his altruistic desires and wishes twisted by others for selfish means that got people killed. Dr. Maki, on the other hand, wishes to end the world while the world remains beautiful in order to preserve that beauty.
    • Sagittarius Zodiarts: Both Gamou and Gentarou attracted people to them with their charisma. However, while Gentarou made it his mission to make friends with everyone he met (including Gamou himself), Gamou only viewed the people who gravitated towards him as steps to reach his goals, originally scoffing at the notion of bonds and friendship.
    • Kamen Rider Wiseman: Haruto's personal tragedy spurred him onto inspire hope in others. Fueki's personal tragedy caused him to create as much despair just so he could sate his own sense of hope, and sees the hopes and lives of others as worthless and expendable (and even thought they should be grateful for it) for his own sake.
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    • Lord Baron: Kouta and Kaito both wished to change the world so that everyone had a chance to become strong, and that the weak were not oppressed. However, Kouta continued to hold out hope in the potential for the current world to change, as opposed to Kaito, who was too cynical to believe the current world had no such potential. Kaito also constantly challenged Kouta on the latter's convictions and ability to back those up, as conviction backed by the ability to follow through was a core tenet of Kaito's philosophy.
    • Heart Roidmude: Shinnosuke and Heart were the respective noble protectors of their respective species, which is the only reason these two otherwise heroic figures were enemies. Nonetheless, they respected each other till the very end. Furthermore, they ultimately trace their suffering and reason to remain at war with each other to the megalomania of Tenjuuro Banno.
  • Half-Identical Twins: Frey and Freya.
  • Merchandise-Driven: Par for the course for Kamen Rider, this mini-series' purpose is to advertise the Legend Rider Ghost Eyecons.
  • Milestone Celebration: Installments were released every two weeks up to the premiere of the Kamen Rider 45th anniversary movie, Kamen Rider 1.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Just like with Shotaro, the Terror Dopant inflicts his fear powers onto Specter, who overcomes it by focusing on what he needs to protect and fight for.
    • Lord Baron is revived and fought where Kouta faces his Last Temptation by Redyue's hands before he fully accepts what it means to be an Overlord that wants to save everyone, even if they will all hate and fear him.
      • Also, Kaito is still immune to Frey's manipulation attempt on him, as he immediately makes it clear that he doesn't take orders and only fights for himself. Looks like Frey hasn't learned from Megahex's attempt of reviving Kaito that whatever you do at him, he will not be manipulated that easily.
    • As listed below, Fueki and Maki did not make peace with their corresponding Rider upon their deaths, and so remained the most villainous of the six revived villains.
    • Fueki mentions Koyomi without giving her name.
  • Role Reprisal: Though none appear in their human form, each returning villain is voiced by their original actors.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Evil: Of a sort among the six revived villains. The last two are those who died unrepentant and/or never made peace with their opposing Rider, these being the White Wizard and the Dinosaur Greeed.


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