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Jo Saint-Clair is a skilled homicide detective with the usual turbulent private life, investigating crimes that involve the iconic sights of his home city...

Which just happens to be Paris, France.

Commissioned by France's TF1, this International Coproduction (with assistance from ORF and Sat 1 among others) starring Jean Reno is an attempt to do an American-style cop show in France... right down to the language, for Jo is produced in English for an international audience and has a largely "English" cast.

It lasted one season in 2013; the ratings were good, but not good enough for the budget; although Atlantique Productions are looking to revive.

Not to be confused with the Louis de Funès film of the same name.

Jo provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Cowboy Cop: Jo can be this at times. His best moment for such is when he throws another cop off a balcony... although there is a net underneath.
  • Eiffel Tower Effect: The action takes place in Paris and its iconic landmarks.
  • One-Word Title: Protagonist Title, first name.
  • Protagonist Title: First name of protagonist, Jo Saint-Clair.
  • Translation Convention
    • All dialogue is done in English with American accents (even by British and Irish actors)... except for Reno, whose French accent stands out.
    • This series also features the use of American measurements, which is pretty strange in the country that gave us the metric system.
    • Also, most of the signs are in English.