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Canadian Game Show that ran from 2006-07; it was essentially a game of 20 Questions surrounding television, nothing too fancy here. One of three contestants (who is henceforth the one inside the box, which is literally a giant booth shaped like a CRT television set) had two minutes to ask yes/no questions to the two other contestants (who are henceforth the ones who are outside the box). The object was to narrow down and correctly guess the mystery subject (which would usually be an actor, character, or series) before time expired.


If answered correctly, the player's remaining time was converted into points (well, not quite, as scores were expressed in minutes and seconds). If not, the contestant got a 5-second penalty to their score and could try again after asking more questions. Penalties were also given if a player outside the box gave an incorrect response. A free guess, along with a clue, was awarded after every five "yes" responses.

All three players got two turns inside the box, and high score after two rounds got to play the Bonus Round for $10,000.

Inside the Box ran for two seasons on the general entertainment/pop culture channel TVtropolis (along with reruns on E!, then an over-the-air system in Canada formerly known as CH). It was offered for syndication in the U.S. by Program Partners in mid-2008 to replace Merv Griffin's Crosswords (which had been placed on hiatus, and then quietly cancelled. That should tell you something). Reruns later returned to the current E!, a cable channel owned by Shaw/Canwest's rival Bell, to compliment their new quiz show Pop Quiz (an adaptation of the Quebecois show La Cercle, that itself was a half-hour version of the French show La Cible)


This show provides examples of:

  • Bonus Round: Another 2 minutes to guess another subject, much like the main game. This time, the contestant directs questions to the host and there's a maximum of three guesses. Additionally, the clock doesn't pause for clues. Get it right and win whatever's left in the pot, starting at $10,000 and going down by $500 every few seconds.
  • Consolation Prize: $500 for losing the bonus round.
  • Game Show Host: Sam Kalilieh.