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Hospital Playlist is a Korean Drama.

It is a medical drama centered around five doctors, who have been friends since they were in college together. They are:

  • Seok-hyung, OB/GYN. Cheerful fellow, mama's boy. Shy and socially awkward around people who aren't his mom or the rest of his circle of five.
  • Ik-joon, transplant surgeon. Has a small son, and a sister, Ik-soon, who's a major in the army. His wife is cheating on him; by episode 4 they are divorced.
  • Jung-won, pediatric surgeon. He comes from money; in fact, his family runs the Yulje Foundation, which owns the hospital that the five of them work at. He has kept this secret from his friends for years (except for Seok-hyung, who has known him since childhood), until the events of the first episode lead him to reveal his background to them.
  • Joon-wan, cardiothoracic surgeon. He has a girlfriend with a major drinking problem, and they soon break up. Eventually it's revealed that he has a thing for Ik-joon's sister Ik-soon.
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  • Song-hwa, neurosurgeon. The only woman in the group. She has a boyfriend, who, as Joon-wan discovers in the first episode, is cheating on her.

The five doctors also have a side hobby: they unwind from the pressures of work by playing together in a rock band (thus the title, Hospital Playlist).

The first season premiered in March of 2020 and ran for 12 episodes. In the first episode Jung-won's father, Chairman Ahn, dies. Jung-won could have inherited the position, but he steps aside in favor of Director Joo Jong-soo. His condition is that he be given control of the VIP program in which the hospital charges big fees to rich people. Jung-won's idea is to steer that revenue to the "Daddy-Long-Legs" program, which he anonymously runs, and which helps less rich people with exorbitant hospital bills. He hires all four of his friends to work in the VIP program.


A second season premiered in June 2021. Song-hwa gently declines Ik-joon's romantic advances—but the plot thread continues to dangle. Seok-hyung's ex-wife, The Ghost in Season 1, shows up, complicating Chu Min-ha's hopes of a romantic relationship with her supervisor. This does not stop Min-ha from pursuing Seok-hyung with single-minded determination. Jung-won keeps up a long-distance relationship with Ik-soon, who is studying in London, but is shocked when, out of the blue, she tells him she's seeing someone else.


  • Abusive Parents: In episode 1.4 a father brings in his little son, and says that the boy's injuries are from falling off a table. Then only a short time later, the same father brings in a boy whom he claims is the first boy's twin, and that this one was injured in a traffic accident. Jung-won examines the boy and realizes that it's the same boy and his father is beating him.
  • Abusive Spouse:
    • In episode 2.5 an abusive husband is beating his wife while she's in the hospital for surgery on her liver.
    • Episode 2.10 has Gyu-wool's brother show up, and they have a conversation which reveals why their mother is in bad health and Gyu-wool is worried about her. It seems that their father is an abusive alcoholic who, when he's drunk, beats their mother so badly that she often has to be hospitalized. Her brother's impending marriage has been canceled by his girlfriend's family due to said situation. A tearful Gyu-wool confesses the whole story to Jong-won, and naturally he is supportive.
  • The Alcoholic:
    • Joon-wan's girlfriend. She's drunk when waiting for him outside the hospital. When she comes to the hospital to pick him up later, he can smell the liquor on her breath. He takes the keys, and then says they have to break up.
    • Mr. Kim in Season 2, who is back to drinking after a liver transplant. His second liver transplant. Ik-joon, who performed the surgery, is appalled, and refuses to treat him anymore.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love:
    • Gyu-wool's confession of love of Jung-won in the first-season finale comes with stammering and copious tears, as she begs him to not become a priest but stay by her side instead. His answer? The Big Damn Kiss.
    • A pretty similar moment when Song-hwa finally makes her confession to Ik-joon. As they sit in the car she says that she can only say it once and he must not look at her but instead look straight ahead. As he stares straight forward she says that his injury (he was mugged) made her realize that she loves him. Once again the male half of the couple answers with The Big Damn Kiss.
  • Anonymous Benefactor: Jung-won runs the Daddy-Long-Legs program, which helps people pay their hospital bills, anonymously.
  • As Herself: Episodes 1.5 and 1.6 feature Ik-joon's old girlfriend, actress Go Ara, played by...actress Go Ara.
  • As You Know:
    • A doctor wonders why Jung-won is in line to inherit the hospital despite being the third son in the family. A director rolls his eyes and says everyone knows why: Jung-won's two older brothers are both Catholic priests. (And his two sisters are nuns!)
    • The two Naïve Newcomer med students often ask questions that even a med student should know, like what the Flatline on a patient's monitor signifies or what anencephaly is.
  • The Big Damn Kiss: The Gyu-wool/Jung-won romance that runs the arc of the whole first season ends with her Anguished Declaration of Love, followed by him planting The Big Damn Kiss on her.
  • Call-Back: In episode 2.12, the series finale, there's a call-back to Jae-hak being ripped off by a scammer who rooked him out of an apartment deposit way back in Season 1. Jae-hak reveals that the scammer was caught, tells Joon-wan that he finally got his money back, and breaks down into Inelegant Blubbering tears of relief.
  • The Cameo:
    • In episode 2.9 Ik-joon and his partner make it to the final of the hospital ping-pong tournament, only to take an ass-kicking from two doctors from Nuclear Medicine. An astonished Ik-joon asks if they're really doctors. They say that they are...but they're played by Hyun Jung-hwa and Joo Sae-hyuk, two Real Life Korean Olympic medalists in table tennis.
    • In episode 2.10 Ik-joon mentions meeting his neighbor, father to Mo-ne, Woo-joo's little playmate. The neighboring dad introduces himself as a TV producer and says his name is Jang Young-seok. When Ik-joon says he looks just like Real Life TV producer Na Young-seok, Jang is insulted. Jang is, of course, played by Na Young-seok.
  • Christmas Episode: The first-season finale and the Immediate Sequel second-season premiere are both this, taking place on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Min-ha's hopes for a romantic Christmas dinner with Seok-hyung are dashed when he doesn't show.
  • Cliffhanger:
    • The first season ends with Seok-hyung getting a phone call from his ex-wife, much discussed but always The Ghost.
    • Episode 2.10 ends with the doctors at Yulje getting a phone call that one of their own is being taken there in an ambulance after being struck in the head. The next episode reveals that it's Ik-joon, who was assaulted by a thief.
  • Cobweb of Disuse: In the first scene of the first episode Seok-hyung is moving into a house that his mother owns. There are cobwebs everywhere.
  • Cock-a-Doodle Dawn: The series of flashbacks showing Jung-won sobbing on an annual basis to his brother about how being a doctor is hard, and he wants to quit, are made even funnier by the sound of a rooster crowing the dawn each time. In the big city of Seoul. In a fried chicken restaurant.
  • Contrived Coincidence: In episode 2.10 Joon-wan and Seok-hyung go off for a weekend at a country guest house—the whole gang was supposed to go but the other three had to cancel. The guest house turns out to be operated by the parents of Min-ha, the doctor who is desperately in love with Seok-hyung.
  • Death of a Child:
    • The burdens of the medical profession are shown in the first episode when Jung-won's patient, a little girl with a bad heart, dies.
    • Happens again in Episode 1.8 when Joon-wan has to tell a couple that surgery to fix their infant daughter's defective heart was a failure, and the child is doomed to die. That same episode ends with Joon-wan and his subordinate Jae-hak changing into suits and going to the baby's funeral.
    • In Episode 2.4, a premature baby, 23 weeks old, dies after birth, despite all efforts to save him. This is not the first baby that has died under Seok-hyung's care.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: The entirely random mugging that Ik-joon suffers in episode 2.11, which causes him to spend several days in the hospital with a cracked skull, is what leads Song-hwa to admit her feelings to herself and make her Anguished Declaration of Love.
  • Distant Finale: Not that distant, but a "Four Months Later" tag introduces the final scenes. Jung-won will be leaving for the United States for a year to do some specialist study, and Gyu-wool will go with him. Jae-hak's wife delivers her baby, and the battle against her cancer seems to be going well.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": There are occasional references to a fancy steakhouse across the street from Yulje Hospital; Min-ha's plans for a romantic date there are ruined in the second-season premiere when Seok-hyung cancels, and Joon-wan meets Ik-soon there for dinner in episode 2.10. The steakhouse across the street is actually named "The Steakhouse in Front of the Hospital".
  • Drowning My Sorrows: In the first episode Jung-won gets drunk in a fried chicken restaurant after the little girl he was treating dies. Mood Whiplash occurs when it's revealed that Jung-won does this on a regular basis and his brother the priest has become bored with the whole ritual.
  • Establishing Character Moment
    • In Seok-hyung's first scene he admits that his mom only lets him drink one cup of coffee a day.
    • Joon-wan is a harsh taskmaster at work, yelling at two interns for being careless with a patient's medication.
    • Song-hwa is offered a bribe by a patient. She turns it down.
  • Flashback: Flashbacks are used throughout the series to sketch out the backstories of the core characters.
    • A series of flashbacks shows that when things get tough at the hospital, Jung-won routinely goes to his brother, who routinely takes him to a fried chicken restaurant to drown his sorrows.
    • A flashback reveals how the whole gang became friends: they wound up hiding in a storage shed together to escape a terrible talent show at freshman orientation in college.
    • A flashback in Season 2 reveals that 20 years ago or so Song-hwa actually was sweet on Ik-joon and was broken-hearted when he stood her up for a date. This helps explain her reluctance to accept his romantic advances.
  • Female Rockers Play Bass: Song-hwa, the only woman in the five-person doctor rock band, naturally plays bass.
  • Flatline: The vitals of the little girl with the heart defect flatline as she dies in episode 1.1.
  • The Ghost: Seok-hyung's ex-wife Shin-hye. Mentioned many times in the first season, when Seok-hyung makes offhand comments about how he was once married but is now divorced, and how it was very painful for him. The season ends with him getting a call from her on his cell phone. No longer true as of season 2 when she's a recurring character.
  • Gilligan Cut: In episode 1.4 Jung-won is discussing his plans to become a priest with his older brother. The older brother is concerned about Mom's reaction, but Jung-won says "I'm sure she'll understand." Cut to Jung-won pounding on the door to his mother's house, begging forgiveness. The door opens, and his hat and shoes come flying outside.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: Episode 2.8 reveals that Min-ha, medical doctor, OB/GYN, sleeps with a teddy bear.
  • Gold Digger: Jung-won's mother, Rosa, tells him straight up that she married his father "for convenience."
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Jae-hak and his wife find out in episode 2.10 that she is pregnant (unexpected as she's 40) and, at almost the same time, that she has breast cancer. The best thing to do for her health would be to terminate the pregnancy right away and start chemo immediately, but Jae-hak's wife refuses; keeping the baby will mean that they have to wait three weeks for chemotherapy. Justified in that the show had already revealed that Jae-hak and his wife had struggled for some years to conceive and eventually gave up.
  • History with Celebrity: Ik-Joon's sister asks him if he knows a celebrity because one asked her about him. He confirms he once dated actress Go Ara years ago, but it didn't work out between them. The very next day, Go Ara shows up at the hospital where he works because her father is receiving treatment there, and they reminisce over lunch.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf:
    • The others object when Song-hwa insists on being the lead singer in the band, and when they play a song, she is in fact screechy and off-key. In Real Life, actress Jeon Mi-do is a veteran of musical theater.
    • Played for a gag again in episode 2.4, when a cheerful Song-hwa starts singing a Korean pop song, horribly badly. Ik-joon, who is walking with her, cringes in silence.
    • In episode 2.5, Song-hwa insists that she's been practicing and can sing much better now, and demands to sing lead on the band's next song. When the others refuse, she insists that they go to a karaoke club—and she is again horribly off-key.
    • This runs all the way through the last episode, 2.12, in which Song-hwa, Ik-joon, Joon-wan, and Ik-soon do karaoke together. Song-hwa gets up to sing, and is so terrible that Joon-wan begs Ik-joon to hit the pause button, to no avail.
  • Hospital Gurney Scene:
    • The first episode includes a scene where victims of a car accident are hurriedly wheeled in on gurneys. Nothing more is shown of the victims but it's important because the liver of another victim, who was killed, is used in a transplant performed by Ik-joon.
    • There are a few more gurney scenes scattered throughout the series. In episode 1.8 the victim is Seok-hyung's mom. In episode 2.7 the gurney brings in an old lady who is having a seizure.
  • I Have This Friend: How Ik-joon tells Song-hwa in the last episode of Season 1 that he has feelings for her, saying "I have a friend" that he's known for a long time and has developed feelings for. Unlike how this trope usually plays, it's clear from the start that both of them know he's talking about her.
  • Inadvertent Entrance Cue:
    • In episode 2.3 Mrs. Yoo, who initially distrusted Song-hwa because of her youth, is so impressed by Song-hwa that she starts trying to set Song-hwa up with her son. The son pulls Song-hwa aside and, out of Mom's earshot, explains that he already has a girl he's interested in. It seems that he and this woman were friends, but she told him she's developing feelings for him. He gave her the Just Friends line only to later realize that he's starting to have feelings for her as well. As he asks "Do you have a friend like that too?", Song-hwa obviously realizes that he's describing what passed between her and Ik-joon. Cue Ik-joon passing by in the cafe, being a goofball, sticking a straw up his nose.
    • In episode 2.7 Seok-hyung's bitchy mom says that if her boy ever gets another girlfriend, she's going to try to not be such an overbearing obnoxious in-law. Cue Min-ha, who would very much like to date Seok-hyung, bumping into Mom by accident, and Mom blowing it up into an ugly incident.,
  • Immediate Sequel: Season 2 follows immediately upon the events of Season 1, and in fact with the same scene: Seok-hyung getting a phone call from his ex-wife. It turns out she was calling him because her father has been admitted to the hospital with bleeding on the brain.
  • Just Friends:
    • Episode 1.2 reveals that back in college, Seok-hyung asked Song-hwa out and she shot him down, preferring that they remain friends.
    • Season 2 opens with Song-hwa basically doing the same thing with Ik-joon. She responds to his episode 1.12 hypothetical question about a man developing romantic feelings for his long-time friend, by saying that he shouldn't tell her or do anything to ruin their friendship. She obviously knows what he meant but, gracefully, pretends that she doesn't.
  • Lohengrin and Mendelssohn: As the doctors shoot the breeze over lunch in episode 2.6, Seok-min says he needs to make a lot of money, because he wants to get married but he's Unable to Support a Wife. Seon-bin looks straight at him and says that it just so happens that she's loaded, and all he'd need to bring is a spoon. As he stares at her in amazement, "Here Comes the Bride" plays over the soundtrack.
  • The Matchmaker:
    • Ik-joon tries to pair up Gyu-wool with Jung-won. It's an uphill battle, since 1) Jung-won seems to have little interest in women, and 2) he's planning to become a Catholic priest. He also tries to fix up Chi-hong with his sister Ik-soon, but he's off-target on this one, since Chi-hong has a thing for Song-hwa. and Ik-soon is actually interested in Joon-wan.
    • One he finally clues in to Joon-wan's relationship with his sister he starts trying to get them together as well. And sometimes he tries to push Seok-hyung into finally responding to Min-ha's affections.
  • Meet Cute: How the gang became friends. Jung-won and Seok-hyung (who were friends since they were boys) escape an awful talent show at college freshman orientation. To avoid having to go back they hide in a storage shed, only to find Ik-joon and Joon-wan already hiding there. As the four introduce themselves, Song-hwa also jumps into the shed, fleeing from the talent show.
  • Momma's Boy: Song-hwa calls Seok-hyung a mama's boy and cracks that his mom won't let him drink coffee. He says no, his mom says he can drink one cup per day. Later, when Jung-won is trying to hire the gang as his VIP doctors, Seok-hyung demurs and specifically says he wants to spend more time with his mom. Episode 1.4 explores at length why Seok-hyung is such a mama's boy: it's because of the extraordinarily ugly end to his parents' marriage, when Seok-hung caught his father having an affair with a much younger woman at the exact same time his sister died an accidental death in a fall.
  • Morning Sickness: Jae-hak's wife upchucks in the restroom after lunch with her husband in episode 2.10. Food poisoning? Nope, she's pregnant.
  • Mythology Gag: Seok-hyung's mom's lawyer says he has a girlfriend who works as a prison guard. As Seok-hyung and his mom blink in surprise at this, the background music is the theme from Prison Playbook...the previous series by Shin Won-ho, the creator who made Hospital Playlist.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Two med students are getting shown around the hospital and introduced to various doctors. They act as exposition sponges to get info across to the audience.
  • Noodle Incident: Joon-wan is reluctant to re-form their band, but all Jung-won has to do is mention a picture of him in Hawaii, and Joon-wan caves and joins.
  • No Periods, Period: Gyu-wool takes some medicine for menstrual cramps. She winds up having a nasty allergic reaction that gets her hospitalized in the very hospital where she works.
  • Pachelbel's Canon: In a flashback to 1999 in episode 1.4, Seok-hyung demonstrates his proficiency on keyboards to the rest of the band by playing Pachelbel's Canon. Then, in a scene 20 years later, the whole Five-Man Band plays Pachelbel's Canon together in an up-tempo rock arrangement.
  • Nice to the Waiter: A scene in episode 2.7 has Song-hwa astonished to see that Ik-joon apparently knows everyone at the hospital; he greets the security guards, the helicopter pilot, the gardeners, and the cleaning lady by name.
    • In season 1, Ik-joon fills in for the cafeteria lady at one point.
  • Oh, Crap!: A very subtle instance of this from Seok-hyung. One of his patients, a heavily pregnant woman, says that she hasn't felt the baby move in a couple of days but it must have moved while she was sleeping. Seok-hyung's face twitches as he hears this, because he knows what it means. Sure enough the baby is dead.
  • Once an Episode: Every episode has one scene, usually near the end, of the five doctors at band practice playing a song.
  • Once More, with Clarity!: Scenes show Gyu-wool getting a bouquet of roses from an unknown admirer, and a handsome young man in a stylish car stopping by the hospital to pick Gyu-wool up. The implication is that Gyu-wool has a new boyfriend, and Jung-won gets jealous even though he won't admit it. The end of episode 1.10 shows those scenes again, but clarifies that the man who keeps showing up in flashy cars to pick up Gyu-wool is her brother, who works at a car dealership. Ik-joon knows this and arranges for Jung-won to be there and see the "boyfriend" pick Gyu-wool up. And Ik-joon sent the flowers himself, as part of his jealousy campaign.
  • Plot Hole: Season 2 follows immediately upon the events of Season 1, which is fine, except that the young actor who plays Woo-joo obviously had a major growth spurt in between seasons. This is lampshaded in the season premiere, when the babysitter notes the strange growth spurt, only for Ik-joon to Hand Wave it with a cheeky Leaning on the Fourth Wall comment about how Woo-joo must have had a growth spurt because it's a new year.
  • Product Placement:
    • Doctors stand in line at the Angel-in-us coffee shop in episode 2.2. There are many more scenes throughout the second season with characters drinking Angel-in-us coffee in cups with the label positioned for the camera.
    • Ik-joon gets a bulgogi burger (yep) from McDonald's as takeout for his son in episode 2.3.
    • McDonald's gets a particularly egregious plug in episode 2.10. When Song-hwa tells the other four that she's taking them out for burgers they celebrate like they're getting a free trip to Vegas. That's followed by a whole scene where they enjoy their fries and chicken nuggets and bulgogi burgers.
  • Raw Eggs Make You Stronger: Raw eggs make you sing better. Song-hwa insists on drinking a glass of raw eggs before the band plays, to lubricate her throat. It doesn't help.
    • In episode 1.12 she does it again. This time it works and she sings much better.
    • In episode 2.9 Song-hwa is again downing raw eggs before it's her time to sing lead, the rest of the band having decided she is only allowed to sing lead vocal once every two years. She is terrible.
  • Romantic Rain:
    • Song-hwa and Ik-joon briefly hold hands as they are trying to escape together after being caught in the rain in episode 2.9.
    • Taken further in episode 2.11. Ik-joon and Song-hwa are driving around Seoul when it starts to pour. Song-hwa asks him to pull over so they can watch the rain together. It's there, as they sit in the car while rain pounds down outside, that she makes her Anguished Declaration of Love and they kiss.
  • Rotten Rock & Roll: In episode 2.10 the doctors decide to take a break from K-pop and instead play a rock song. Hilariously, they all get special leather outfits decorated with chains for the occasion. Even funnier, the song they play is "It's My Life" by notorious death-metal band Bon Jovi.
  • Running Gag:
    • Many jokes through both seasons about how Song-hwa insists on singing lead vocal with the band despite being a really terrible singer.
    • Joon-wan, for all his brilliance, is utterly unfamiliar with pop culture, social media, and stuff like phone apps. In one episode he has to have Instagram explained to him, and in another he is clueless when one of the doctors calls another one "Malfoy". This actually proves plot-relevant in Season 2, when Ik-joon, who has to order Joon-wan's bus ticket for him, arranges for Joon-wan to be on the same bus as Joon-wan's ex-girlfriend and Ik-joon's sister, Ik-soon.
    • Jae-hak's admiration, edging into hero worship and sometimes verging on Homoerotic Subtext, for his mentor Joon-wan.
  • Sequel Hook: Some threads are deliberately left hanging for the second season.
    • Ik-joon's I Have This Friend confession of love for Song-hwa ends with him telling her to take her time and think about it. The plot thread ends there, with Song-hwa never giving an answer—until episode 2.1, that is, when she gently turns him down.
    • The last scene of the first season shows Seok-hyung getting a phone call. The caller ID shows that it's his ex-wife. He answers the call with "Hello." With that the first season ends.
  • Skyward Scream: Played for laughs in episode 1.2 when Seok-min lists the possible negative consequences of an old lady's surgery. When he admits there's a small chance of death, the couple listening to him go into hysterics, howling and wailing and screaming "MOM!" to the skies. A flustered Seok-min desperately tries to tell them that the chances of death are slim and at that moment their mom is actually still alive.
  • Snow Means Love: It's snowing outside as the long romantic arc between Jung-won and Gyu-wool ends with The Big Damn Kiss at the end of episode 1.12.
  • Social Media Is Bad: Joon-wan is not a fan of social media, as revealed in episode 2.3 when Ik-soon says he got a message in Instagram and Joon-wan has no idea what he's talking about.
    Ik-joon: A DM. We're friends on Instagram.
    Joon-wan: What does all that gibberish mean?
  • The Spock: Dr. Jang Gyu-wool. Her lack of emotion can sometimes be a problem. In episode 1.2 she tells the mother of a child badly injured in a hit-and-run that 1) the boy has virtually no chance and 2) it's the mom's fault for not performing CPR. This earns her a tongue-lashing from Jung-won, and it looks even worse moments later when they find out that she was wrong and the boy is going to be OK. However, the flip side of this is shown later in the same episode when Gyu-wool calmly, methodically plucks out the maggots that have infested the rotting, gangrenous legs of a homeless man.
    • In episode 1.9 Gyu-wool is explaining an impending surgery to the patient's mother, using a bunch of medical jargon that leaves the mother completely clueless. Jung-won swoops in and explains the procedure in plain Korean, as Gyu-wool stares at him in admiration.
  • Split-Screen Phone Call: Used in 2.4 when Ik-joon calls his sister. He makes some remarks about how Joon-wan is stressed out because his girlfriend is treating him badly, while his sister silently cringes.
  • Step Up to the Microphone: In-Universe with the Five-Man Band. Ik-joon sings lead most often, but Jung-won does sometimes, and Song-hwa insists on sometimes getting lead vocal even though she's not a very good singer. In both the first-season and second-season finales, all five of them take turns on lead vocal.
  • Sticky Situation: Ik-joon gets his head stuck in a Darth Vader helmet because his small son was goofing around with some super glue. He goes to the ER, only to get pressed into service to perform an urgent liver transplant. Which he does, while wearing the Darth Vader helmet.
  • Surprise Party: In episode 1.5 Seok-hyung gets an emergency call to return to the hospital—but it's the junior doctors in his OB/GYN department, throwing a surprise birthday party for him. The socially awkward Seok-hyung does not enjoy it at all.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • In their first meeting, the four men were all crammed together in a small storage shed, avoiding a talent show. Right after one of them says "at least it's just the four of us", Song-hwa jams her way in.
    • In 2.10, Min-ha has done two straight night shifts and then washed her hair with soap instead of shampoo, so she's looking a little disheveled. She hopes that she won't see Seok-hyung, then thinks that maybe he's busy and she'll miss him that day. Naturally, Seok-hyung walks up almost as soon as the words are out of her mouth.
  • Thanking the Viewer: After a montage showing behind-the-scenes production photos, the series ends in episode 2.12 with a message saying "Thank you for watching Hospital Playlist."