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Series / Graczykowie, czyli Buła i spůła

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From left to right: Buła and Wiesiek Graczyk

Graczykowie czyli Buła i Spóła is a spin-off of another Polish sitcom, Graczykowie. It aired from 2001-2002.

Buła, the Graczyks' family neighbor, lives with his son Walduś and "fiancee" Zuza (although marrying her is his worst nightmare...) in Warsaw. His life is a mixture of being a Kavorka Man, drinking, trying to hide his infidelity, starting a new Zany Scheme, or having an obsession that his lodger, Leon, tries to murder him.


This Series Provides Examples Of:

  • Abusive Parents: Buła to Walduś. Played for laughs
  • Accidental Marriage: Buła and one of his girlfriends (or, how he always calls them, "cousins"), Rysia.
  • Accidental Pervert: Walduś and his friend once run into difficulties after walking into the tent of new, short-haired female scoutmaster thinking she's a man.
  • The Alcoholic: Buła and his friend Zenon Rumian. Rumian once even hired a psychic to "decloack" one event from his past. In her vision she saw an orgy full of alcohol
Rumian: No, no, that was two weeks ago - and I would like to know what happened a week ago.
  • All Just a Dream: Several examples. In one Buła was dreaming his brother (Kavorka Man like him) is a priest. In another he had a dream about his guardian angel (played by Buła's actor, Paweł Wawrzecki, as well) and accused him of having suspicious face he knows from something ("I don't know if not from wanted notice!")
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  • Affectionate Nickname: Walduś is called "Spider" by his friends.
  • Bandaged Face: In one episode Wiesiek Graczyk, Buła's neighbor, did this to avoid meeting a pushy old man he encountered at work.
  • Black Widow: In one episode late in the series, Buła heard from television news that famous black widow has escaped the prison. Despite the fact she kills only rich men and he's poor, he immediately started imagining it's his wife, Rysia. His hilarious paranoia even reached a level when he refused to eat anything she was cooking. At the end, when the news announced the true criminal woman was arrested when tried to poison somebody with a butter, Buła asked Rysia to make him a sandwich, although without any butter. ("One never knows!")
  • ...But He Sounds Handsome: Buła many times when he was pretending he's his own grand-grandfather to check his relatives' opinion about himself.
  • Catchphrase: Buła has two: "Cor Blimey!" and "Go away, you, you, you, you..."
  • Cheap Costume: To avoid being detected by his son's friend (who was also a psychologist Buła told many idiotic stories) Buła made a mask form a julienned newspaper.
  • End-of-Series Awareness: "Something Wicked That Way Comes", the series finale, obviously
  • Fake Muscles: Buła once used baloons (yes, really) to fake his muscularity.
  • "Fawlty Towers" Plot: "The Borrowed Fiancee" episode. What's interesting, at the end it's not Buła who gets hurt.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Walduś, Buła's son, is generally very shy, polite and intelligent young man... although in some episodes he is prone to start-up his own, often as (if not even more) idiotic Zany Scheme as his father.
  • Oh, Crap!: Buła after Accidental Marriage with Rysia.
Rysia: Honey, who's Zuza?

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