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A very short-lived CBS Game Show from late 1975, created by Bill Carruthers and hosted by Jim Lange, in which four female contestants sat at desks surrounding a spinning red arrow. A prize was presented along with its retail value, then a question was posed. Whoever answered correctly manipulated the arrow, hitting a button which caused the arrow to slow down on its own until it stopped. The woman on whom it stopped could either accept that prize or pass it to an opponent (if the arrow stopped on a vacant area between two players, whoever stopped it was given the options).


The object was to accumulate the most without going over $5,000; going over said amount locked that player out until she correctly answered a question (in which case she could give a prize to an opponent, which she hoped would bring her back under $5,000). After eight prizes, whoever was closest to $5,000 without going over won the game and those prizes.

Give-n-Take was a show that just didn't work: The format has been described as "lame", and the set's primary color was black in an era where pastels were the norm for daytime game shows. It debuted on September 8 (the day The Price Is Right began an experimental week of hour-long shows) at 10:00 AM, replacing Lange's Spin-Off, and couldn't compete against NBC's Celebrity Sweepstakes; when Price permanently expanded on November 3, Take was shunted off to the low-clearance 4:00 PM slot (replacing Musical Chairs) and died on the 28th.


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