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Series / Game Show Moments Gone Bananas

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Five hourlong specials aired by VH1 from May 21 to June 18, 2005, consisting of Game Show footage from the FremantleMedia archives. During each show was a "Top 5" countdown, presented by such notables as Chuck Woolery and Ed McMahon.

Shows represented:

  • Beat the Clock (the "clown-through-suit" stunt from the original series, and nothing else)
  • Blind Date (UK), plus the Australian Perfect Match
  • Blockbusters (America and UK)
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  • Card Sharks
  • Child's Play (America and UK, mostly the former)
  • Distraction (UK only)
  • Double Dare (1976)
  • Family Feud (America and Australia), plus the UK Family Fortunes
  • I'm With Stupid (unsold 2003 ABC pilot taped on Richard Karn's Feud set)
  • I've Got a Secret
  • Match Game (America) and the UK Blankety Blank. Notable for a clip from a 1989 pilot hosted by Bert Convy, which was eventually aired in full by GSN for Christmas 2012.
  • The Name's The Same ("A. Mattress" from October 1, 1952 and "A. Maid" from March 17, 1953)
  • Password CBS, Password Plus, and Super Password
  • Press Your Luck and Whammy!
  • The Price Is Right (America and Australia), plus the Mexican Atinale al Precio. Notable for two clips of Dennis James' super-scarce nighttime version.
  • Puzzlers (unsold pilot hosted by Pat Sajak, taped March 15, 1980)
  • Sale of the Century (America and Australia), plus a single clip of the German Hopp oder Top.
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  • Say When!! (a portion {not the whole existing clip} of the Peter Pan peanut butter incident)
  • Scrabble
  • Showoffs (clip of the 1975 pilot, hosted by Larry Blyden)
  • Tattletales
  • To Tell the Truth
  • What's My Line?
  • Your Face or Mine?

Released on DVD in September 2008 by BCI, then reissued in 2010 by Mill Creek Entertainment.

Game Show Tropes in use:


This show provides examples of:

  • Loads and Loads of Game Shows: A staggering 34 Fremantle-owned games are seen across the five episodes, some of which are their only face time in years...or at all (and especially when the specials reran on GSN).
  • Pilot: I'm With Stupid (hosted by Graham Norton), the ABC Match Game (hosted by Bert Convy), Puzzlers (hosted by Pat Sajak), and Showoffs (hosted by Larry Blyden).
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Subject of a Top 5 countdown, which culminated in Rip Taylor showing his baldness on Super Password.


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