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Series / Fergus Mcphail

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A 2004 teen comedy about an Australian boy who moves to Queensland with his family and gets in trouble by his alter-ego that nobody can see. A book first by David McRobbie.

[Fergus Mcphail] contains examples of:

  • Hearing Voices: Fergus often talks out loud to the voice when alone, receiving odd expressions when discover by chance.
  • Hereditary Curse: It's in the name, the family of Mcphail are destined losers. As evident by the titular character, his father, and his older sister.
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  • Split Personality: Fergus has an alter-ego that hypes him up and tells him what next steps to take, almost like a conscious, to make him popular and get the girl, etc. Always a chipper version of his anxious and pessimistic self


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