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A Reality TV show where a number of overweight individuals compete to lose the greatest amount of weight. But wait, doesn't it seem a little cliche? Yes, it does. So what minor thing did they change to make it instantly become original? Well, they're going to teach them to dance too.

So basically, what you get is The Biggest Loser meets Dancing with the Stars; a number of overweight individuals compete to try and see how much weight they can lose through group exercise challenges. Each week, the contestants also have to perform a dance routine with a celebrity partner to impress a panel of judges (Danny Teeson, Lisa Ann Walter, and a weekly guest judge), with each week being themed around a different genre or style. The judges' scores are averaged and combined with the percentage of body weight lost during that week during the all-important weigh-in to see who stays and who goes.


When the show debuted on Oxygen Network (which is by the way, a network aimed towards women, despite the fact that there are male contestants too), it quickly became one of their most popular shows, averaging over four million viewers for its first night. While only lasting two seasons, it also became a frequent target for parody and satire, especially on a certain E! show.

Tropes present in this series include:

  • Completely Missing the Point: When the Australian broadcaster Nine Network picked this show up as a summer series, its premiere promptly bombed and only got around 796,000 viewers (in comparison to the top-rated that night, which got 1.6 million). Critics immediately pointed out that this show came from a cable channel aimed towards women, and as a result, was too niche for primetime television. As such, it then got shoved onto one of their digital television services.
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  • Confession Cam: Of course.
  • Lucky Charms Title: The show's logo censors the last two letters of "ass" with stars, though some sources censor it with asterisks instead, or don't censor it at all.

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