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You are a terrible singer.. but I love you anyway.
I am Robin, I rescue people from the roofs.. from the drawers, burnt old ladies.. it's the first time I sing..
Make me your Robin, Batman.

Cha Cha Cha was an Argentine sketch comedy television program aired in the 1990s on América TV, starring Alfredo Casero, Fabio Alberti, Diego Capusotto, and others. It was characterized by absurd humour, sometimes bordering on the surreal.


The style of some sketches are similar to Monty Python's Flying Circus, making them sometimes difficult to understand. Other were parodies, such as Juan Carlos Batman, where Casero played an Argentine (and fat) version of Batman, or Siddharta Kiwi, a skinny fakir or guru performed by Diego Capusotto, who proposed unconventional solutions to everyday problems.

The most controversial sketch was Todos juntos en capilla, which came usually last of every emission. In it, Fabio Alberti played a Catholic-style priest who told supposedly edifying but ludicrous stories of a martyr saint called Peperino Pómoro. This prompted the reaction from Moral Guardians, who launched a campaign against the sketch by sending letters to the channel and the commercial sponsors, finally achieving its cancellation.


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