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Cape Wrath (titled Meadowlands in the U.S.) is a British drama series produced by Ecosse Films about a family trying to escape its past and confront even more uncertain future.

After entering witness protection, Danny (David Morrissey) and Evelyn Brogan (Lucy Cohu), along with their two teenage children Zoe (Felicity Jones) and Mark (Harry Treadaway), are relocated to a rustic neighborhood called "Meadowlands" to begin their new life. Picturesque and crime-free, it appears at first glance to be a suburban paradise. They soon realize that it is not so easy to escape the past and their safe haven becomes a world of paranoia and psychological intrigue with surprises around every corner.

As part of the show's marketing, the background of a character's life before they moved to Meadowlands (including their real name) was revealed on the show's official website after the airing of each episode. After low ratings, Channel 4 confirmed cancellation of a second season.


  • Danny Brogan: David Morrissey
  • Evelyn Brogan: Lucy Cohu
  • Zoe Brogan: Felicity Jones
  • Mark Brogan: Harry Treadaway
  • Lori Marcuse: Sian Brooke
  • Bernard Wintersgill: Ralph Brown
  • Abigail York: Emma Davies
  • Dr. David York: Tristan Gemmill
  • Freddie Marcuse: Don Gilet
  • Jack Donnelly: Tom Hardy
  • Gordon Ormond: Sean Harris
  • Brenda Ogilvie: Melanie Hill
  • Jezebel Ogilvie: Ella Smith
  • Samantha Campbell: Nina Sosanya
  • Tom Tyrell: Scot Williams
  • Green Suits: David Smallbone, John Warman, and Christopher Wilson

  • Caroline Levy - Producer
  • Douglas Rae - Executive Producer
  • Duane Clark - Director
  • Matthew Alridge - Executive Producer
  • Robert Murphy - creator and writer


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