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Peter Kay's Britain's Got the Pop Factor ... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice (or Britain's Got the Pop Factor for short) is an Affectionate Parody of TV talent shows, mainly influenced is The X Factor. It was broadcasted as a two-part one-off special on Channel 4 on 12 October 2008, and is notable for being Kay's first Channel 4 production in four years.

The special is a mock talent show grand finale, using recaps to explain the finalists' journeys. The production is very accurate; three of the judges from Pop Idol appear as themselves. Channel 4 were highly impressed by the ratings the special drew and promptly asked Kay to produce another one; it was followed that December with Geraldine: The Winner's Story.

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This show contains examples of

  • I Have No Son!: In Peter Kay's The X Factor and Pop Idol spoof, the mother of the transgender Geraldine McQueen gives us this wonderful line: "she is no son of mine!"
  • Long Title: of the "sticking together parts of loads of other titles" variety.
  • Precision F-Strike: Said by Cat Deeley, of all people.
    Cat: (audience gets loud) The voting lines have officially closed. The votes have been counted and verified. Could we please have quiet in the studio?
    (audience does not get any quieter)
    Cat: Quiet, please.
    (audience gets even louder)
    Cat: FUCKING SHUT UP! (Beat) Thank you!
  • Silence, You Fool!/Big "SHUT UP!": When Cat Deeley walks onto the stage she tries to ask the audience to keep quiet. It doesn't work, so she yells "FUCKING SHUT UP!". Silence.


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