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A British Reality Show where a group of comedians competed to see who had the biggest "balls of steel" as judged by the Studio Audience. This was done by performing some type of stunt that shows guts — most of the time, they were elaborate, hidden camera pranks that crossed the line frequently (one recurring act always did their acts on-stage for the audience instead).

The show was a cult hit for Channel 4, lasting for three seasons and 19 episodes. An Australian version debuted in 2011 and ran for two seasons; as it still features some of the acts who appeared on the British version, you could call it a strange case of being Un-Cancelled in a completely different country.


Recurring acts on the show included:

  • Bunny Boiler, where Thaila Zucchi tries to flirt with someone ... in front of their existing girlfriend. (They were set up, of course)
  • The Annoying Devil, where the titular devil (Jason Attar in series 1, and Barrie Hall in series 2) just goes around causing trouble
  • Prank TV with Miss Lee, with Olivia Lee. Often involves squirting water at celebrities.
  • Militant Black Guy, who leads people into saying completely innocent terms containing the word "black", and then goes Samuel L. Jackson on them for being "racist."
  • Neg's Urban Sports, where Neg Dupree performs various activities of questionable taste under the guise of being a "sport", including trying to steal balls, throwing fast food at random people, or trying to ride on their backs!
  • The Pain Men, where Pancho and Pritchard inflict pain on each other. Notably, its pretty much the only act that is actually performed on-stage.
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  • Big Gay Following, where Eric Page tries to pick up and solicit sex from other men.
  • Alex Zane, who sets people up on rigged game shows.

While some acts did cross over to the aforementioned Australian version (and some were Foreign Remakes of acts/bits from the British version), some new acts came in as well, including:

  • Janis McGavin, the Fame Whore, who masquerades as a celebrity doing ridiculous publicity stunts.
  • Flatmate Wanted, Rachael Coopes offers to share an apartment with unsuspecting individuals, but "inadvertently" reveals an unusual fact about herself that might change their mind.
  • The Very Foreign Correspondent, an Indian who goes undercover to try and expose the country's racial tensions against Indians. And he constantly accuses people of being racist.
  • And of course, they've had their Alex Zane-styled game show pranks as well (known as The Game Show Host from Hell, this time with actual game show hosts); James Kerley in season 1 (host of Cash Cab), and John Burgess (host of Catchphrase) in season 2.

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