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DR, the people who brought you a small woman investigating murders and a small woman running a country, now brings you a small woman who likes to make strange art... until she dies in the first episode.

Arvingerne (Literally "The Heirs", but broadcast in the UK as The Legacy), 2014-present, is about the death of said woman, Veronika Grønnegaard and the fallout of her death. You see, her original will divided up the estate between her three children, Frederik, Emil and Gro... however, she was in the process of putting her huge house in a trust to become a museum... but didn't sign the papers. Then just before she died, she wrote a letter to her fourth child, Signe, who she gave up for adoption... and leaves everything to her. With over ten million kroner in play, things are going to get ugly.


A tale of family warfare starring Trine Dyrholm (entirely Danish language works, including a few dubs of animated films) as Gro and Jesper Christensen (you probably know him as Mr. White) as Veronika's widower Thomas Konrad, this actually got higher ratings in its native Denmark than Forbrydelsen. A second season of seven episodes aired in 2015 and a third has been ordered for 2017.

This has received a UK airing, but not on BBC 4; it was instead snapped up by Sky for their Sky Arts channel and thus had a much smaller audience.


This series contains examples of:

  • Ashes to Crashes: The urn containing Veronika's ashes ends up falling off the stairs... and scattering part over Frederik.
  • Common Tongue: Most of the family are fluent in English and use it when interacting with foreigners.
  • Fan Disservice: Whenever Thomas (who is a middle-aged man, and looks every year of it) gets his shirt off... which oddly enough tends to happen more in the episodes directed by his actor Jesper Christensen!
  • Hellhole Prison: Emil ends up in a distinctly unpleasant Thai prison
  • Rule of Pool: When Thomas and Issa's baby is due to be dedicated on a rickety platform over a lake, it's obvious that someone is going to fall in... it's then horrifically subverted in that it's the baby, who is fortunately rescued by Gro.


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