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Artzooka! is a Canadian TV series revolving around art. The series airs on various stations, including CBC Television and Qubo. It is produced by CCI Entertainment.

The host of the show, Jeremie, shows viewers how to make various kinds of crafts from everyday objects. There is also an animated character in the show named Paper Bag, who appears in the movies Jeremie makes near the end of each episode.


This show provides examples of:

  • Every Episode Ending: The short movies featuring Paper Bag, sort of. While they probably aren't really meant to be an actual ending, they are the last segment of every episode before the episode ends.
  • Excited Show Title!
  • Strictly Formula: Episodes open with Jeremie making a craft, followed by an "Artzooka Challenge" where a kid challenges Jeremie to do a specific craft (e.g. something made from objects found in specific locations such as a backyard, etc.). And then there's another major craft followed by another Artzooka Challenge. After that comes a short movie Jeremie made starring the Paper Bag character, which wraps up the episode.


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