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Series / Arne Dahl

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An adaptation (First season 2011, second season 2015) of the ten novels of the Intercrime series by Jan Arnald (under the name Arne Dahl) following an elite group of Swedish police officers known as the 'A-Unit' ("A-Gruppen"). Each of the ten books is covered in two one-hour episodes.

This series includes examples of:

  • CIA Evil, FBI Good: An extreme example, with a CIA agent who was also a serial murderer torturing and killing members of a human rights group investigating American torture in Iraq, and trying to frame them as terrorists. A heroic FBI agent helped the regular characters hunt him down and rescue the human rights group and innocent Iraqis from a back-up CIA death squad.
  • Common Tongue: A-Unit frequently end up using English when speaking to non-Swedish officers.
  • Gender Flip: Jan-Olav Hultin from the novels becomes Jenny Hultin.
  • Race Lift: Kirsten Holm becomes Latina, joining the already Latino Jorge Chavez.