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Alexa:This is the story of how I beat cancer. When it all started, my nurse told me to write down things I'm grateful for to help me be positive. That first day it was grape popsicles, my family and my best friend. I've been grateful for Katie a lot, but this time I'm super grateful for her. You'll see.
Season 1 episode 1 - "Bad Hair Day"

Alexa & Katie is a Netflix original sitcom series about the bonds of friendship and family, and the struggles they face when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer.

Alexa is a fourteen year old girl who is undergoing treatment for a cancer. Luckily she has her best friend Katie by her side, no matter what.

Alexa & Katie Tropes:

  • Actor Allusion:
    • In "Sweet Sixteen", a party planner asks Lori if she's an event planner. Tiffani Thiessen played event planner Elizabeth Burke on White Collar.
    • The first time Dylan tutors Alexa and she isn't paying attention, one of his Not Listening to Me, Are You? he said he's secretly a superhero. Jack Griffo was previously on The Thundermans where he's the oldest son of the titular family of superheroes.
  • Blatant Lies: Alexa is constantly trying to lie her way out of trouble with varying success.
    Alexa: I came straight home, took a nap. Here I am.
    Lori: You came straight home?
    Alexa: Mom, we had an agreement. How can you even ask?
    Lori: Is that your Mocha?
    Alexa: Yeah, from yesterday.
    Lori: And yet it's still warm.
    Alexa: Climate Change.
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  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: Alexa. It's implied that most of her bad behavior is her acting out because of the cancer and being treated like a sick girl.
  • Enter Stage Window: Alex and Katie's bedrooms are connected by a tall tree midway between their two houses, so it's common for them to use each other's windows to visit each other.
  • Important Haircut: In the Pilot, Alexa's hair had started failing out due to chemotherapy, as a show of support Katie shaves her hair as well so that Alexa won't be the only bald person at school.

  • Ill Girl: Alexa. A driving forces of many of her plot lines is her desire to not be seen as the sick girl.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits!: Hilarious averted. As Lucas doesn't care that Dylan is dating his little sister Alexa but is mad at Alexa for stealing his best friend.
  • Parents as People:
    • Alexa's parents Lori and Dave are shown to be struggling with their daughter's cancer diagnosis.
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    • Katie's mother Jennifer is a single mother trying to make ends meet.
  • Proud to Be a Geek: Dylan. He's a mathlete and maths tutor.
  • Dawson Casting: Paris Berelc Was 18 when she started playing 14-year-old Alexa.
    Dylan: Well, guess what this "dweeb" is doing Saturday night? It's gonna be epic.
    Alexa: Midnight mathlete meeting?
    Dylan: That's Tuesday.

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