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One test. True love guaranteed...

Soulmates is a 6 Episode anthology series on AMC which explores a world where a company has created a test to determine perfectly who a person's soulmate is.

In 2023 the "Soul Particle" was discovered and a company called Soul Connect set up shop with a test which could determine who a person's soulmate is so long as both of them have taken the test. The thing is, the test actually works.

Reality Ensues


AMC Soulmates provides examples of:

  • Deconstructed Trope: What happens in a world that all of a sudden has a way you can find out who your soulmate is instead of having to guess or figure it out by yourself? What happens to relationships that set up before the test existed?
  • I Will Find You: An odd twist since the only thing a person has to do to find their soulmate is take The Test. The trouble is that all the parties involved need to have taken the test to be matched so it could potentially take years before they find eachother or it could be the fifteen or so minutes it takes to get the results from the machine.
  • I Will Wait for You: Averted, for now. The Test is a relatively new invention so waiting to be with ones' soulmate and nobody else isn't a reasonable expectation. That being said, reasonable and emotions never had much to do with each other, so jealousy is still fairly common. As time goes on and the younger generation grows up people speculate that expectations may change.
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  • One True Love: Soulmates
  • Reality Ensues: The main theme of the series.
    • Soulmates or not, those matched by The Test are still people in relationships. They have problems and have to work out arguments.
    • People fall out of love or their love just isn't strong enough to go the distance. Marriage doesn't have to be with one's soulmate, and that does not end well.
    • What do you do when your soulmate dies before you can find them?
    • Everyone has a soulmate. That includes the insane and the just plain cruel.
  • Technology Marches On: A bit of an odd example. The fact that The Test exists puts pressure on everyone to take it. It imposes a certain view of relationships that formed without taking the test and those who might choose not to. In other words it changes the social norm, whether anybody likes it or not.
  • True Love Is Exceptional: Soulmates again. Knowing that they are soulmates helps repair damage done by arguments and the like. Possibly an example of Your Mind Makes It Real.

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