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  • One of these can be optionally confronted in Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl, depending on which path throughout the game you take. Hugo's a huge, fat silent guy who looks like Hugo Andore and lives alone in a farmhouse in the middle of a forest where he keeps a vicious dog. He kidnaps children and apparently butchers them, then hangs them up in his barn. You confront him one-on-one and potentially beat him to death in a fist fight... or just slice him in half with a chainsaw, if you have found it.
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  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura has the Whytechurch murderer, loosely based on Jack the Ripper. His true identity is Vincent, an elven wizard possessed by a demon.
  • The Baldur's Gate series features several of these, starting with Neb, the child-killing gnome who returns in the sequel, and the "tanner" in Baldur's Gate 2, who removes the skin of his victims and makes clothes out of it.
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine: After Susie was made into a deformed version of Alice, she started to believe that "tainted" ink from other Toons would pull her back into the puddles - especially because of an encounter she had with Bendy. Thus, she tortures Butcher Gang members who get too close. However, she also believes that she can use others' ink to restore her own beauty, making her a cannibalistic killer as well. She keeps her vivisected victims on display.
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  • Captured has Damien Clyde, a deformed, blind, cannibalistic, revenge driven killer. Bullied his whole life for his imposing appearance, he went on to live in an underground complex to be away from people, and a man began to aid him in getting revenge on humanity for mistreating him. The man kidnaps people and makes them go through the complex to try and escape, all while having to dodge Damien and solve a series of puzzles that the man has set up.
  • The Scissorman from the Clock Tower series. In the first game he's more a generic monster who chases you, but by the second game (the first one released in America), he fits this trope because there is genuine mystery as to his identity and most of the characters are criminal psychologists.
  • Dead by Daylight has one lone player as a serial killer hunting down a band of survivors. The killers are all variations of stock Slasher villain tropes with some even being taken straight from actual franchises. Interestingly enough, in lore, not all of them were actually serial killers (the Wraith only had one intentional victim, the Nurse was a spree killer, The Hag didn't kill anyone prior to a Deal With the Entity to take revenge on her captors, and so on), but now that they're in the Entity's realm, they all count as they hunt down groups of survivors over and over and over...
  • Dragon Age II has Quentin, an insane Blood Mage who murders women and takes parts of their bodies that resemble his dead wife in a crazy attempt to bring her back. His last victim is Hawke's mother Leandra.
    • Kelder from the sidequest "Magistrate's Orders" is an insane killer who targets elven children because they are "too beautiful" and blames his impulses on imaginary demons (as opposed to the real ones in the setting). He has managed to escape justice thanks to 1) the protection of his powerful magistrate father and 2) the lack of concern most humans have for elves. Part of him is still sane enough to realize that he is beyond redemption and he begs Hawke to kill him.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a serial killer on the loose in Windhelm whose methods and motivation are very similar to the one from Dragon Age II, except that this guy is trying to bring back his dead sister rather than a wife.
  • In roleplaying games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout, the player can become a serial killer if they wanted to. In Fallout 4 some perks are ideal for a serial killer such as allowing the player to stealth kill other characters if they are asleep or to do more damage and be more charismatic to characters of the opposite gender.
  • Fallout:
    • Fallout 3 has the pre-war killer the Pint-Sized Slasher, a child who apparently wore a clown mask and stabbed numerous people. You can pose as this killer in the Tranquility Lane simulation.
    • Clanden in Fallout: New Vegas is a seemingly-normal man working for the Omertas who is in fact a psychotic killer who makes snuff films of himself raping, torturing and killing prostitutes.
    • Pickman from Fallout 4 is a serial killer of raiders, and he uses their blood and corpses to make grotesque art in his gallery.
      • From the same game, you can visit the Fens Street sewer just north-west of Diamond City, there you'll find a trail of dead bodies and holotapes left by the 'Fens Phantom' for a long-dead detective who was on his trail, as well as their skeletons.
      • Another Pre-War serial killer was the Nuka-Killer, who would stick Nuka-Cola bottlecaps in their victims' eye sockets and leave them with waterlogged clothing for some unknown reason.
      • In the Nuka-World DLC, one of the Raider gangs, the Disciples, are an entire group of serial killers, and are completely psychotic ones, at that. One has to wonder how they managed to avoid butchering each other.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's prominently features one in its backstory lore. One of the posters you can see on the cameras occasionally changes to newspaper articles about a man wearing a costume luring five children to the back room of Freddy's, where they were murdered and implied to be stuffed inside the suits. The second game expands on this detail in its minigames and in the third game we get to see the spirits of the children avenge their death by tricking the killer into wearing a faulty animatronic-hybrid suit. Which is also the same animatronic that's been trying to kill you the entire game, in fact.
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    • Eddie Low in Grand Theft Auto IV is a pedophilic serial killer.
    • Catalina as well. In fact, in San Andreas, she has three bodies buried in her backyard.
    • One of the convicts who are busted by Johnny Klebitz is an intellectual, yet cannibalistic serial killer, complete with a faux British accent.
    • Trevor Philips is heavily implied to be one, among other things. Michael has implied that abducting and murdering hitchhikers is a pastime of his. He is also implied to be the "San Andreas Strangler", but claims he doesn't strangle people... anymore. Also, delivering innocent people to a cannibalistic cult could also make him one.
    • Grand Theft Auto V has the Infinity Killer, who you never meet, but can find clues about in the form of newspaper clippings and writing on walls by the killer in certain places in San Andreas. If you follow the clues, you can even find the bodies of their victims. The killer is believed to be a man named Merle Abrahams, who went insane and became obsessed with the number 8.
  • The Origami Killer from Heavy Rain, a sick fuck who murders children by throwing them in deep ditches and waiting for them to drown, in addition to putting their fathers through hellish trials. It's really Scott Shelby: player-character, resident Nice Guy and private detective "investigating" the Origami Killer.
    • There's also Dr. Adrian Baker, an insane doctor who murders people with surgery, and Leland White from the Taxidermist DLC, who murders young women before stuffing them and displaying them around his house.
  • In Hitman (2016), the first target of the Patient Zero campaigns, the leader of an Apocalypse Cult, may be one of these. His intel file states he's founded multiple cults in the past and each one ended with him leading them all into ritual suicide (himself excluded), and Agent 47 is hired to stop him from doing so again.
    • In HITMAN 2, you can meet a random NPC who's implied to be a serial killer if you search her house. Interestingly, she's otherwise not related to the story.
      • You can hear a news broadcast in the Whittleton Creek mission that reports on a serial killer code-named The Censor terrorizing Vermont. Their M.O.: they kill victims, and then assign them "grades" based on how well they struggled and fought back, and the highest grade they ever assigned was a B- they gave to a retired firefighter. Forensic psychologists believe that The Censor is actually a Death Seeker who hopes to die at the hands of their first A+ victim.
  • Hot Line Miami 2 Wrong Number features the Miami Mutilator, a killer who leaves behind mutilated corpses with cryptic messages. It turns out that the killer is Manny Pardo, a detective working the case who you play as for parts of the game.
  • Judgment focuses on a mysterious serial killer dubbed "The Mole" by the protagonist who targets Yakuza lieutenants and puts out their eyes as a Calling Card. It's later revealed that the killer is actually a hired assassin who is part of a government conspiracy and that the victims are failed test subjects for an experimental Alzheimer cure whose eyes were put out to hide the pigmentation that said drug causes. Said killer also happens to be the police detective put on the case.
  • Lakeview Cabin Collection has several throughout the episodes; the killers in III and V are supposedly from the same family while IV has a redneck cannibal family. There is also one present in the Hub Level, and the epilogue has you play as one. VI is the only episode to not have one, as it's about an alien invasion instead.
  • The target of Samara's loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, Morinth, is an Ardat-Yakshi (the name means 'Demon of the Night Wind' in an old asari dialect), an asari with a genetic defect that kills whoever she melds with, which gets her High on Homicide and enhancing her powers. She's been a Hedonistic killer for 400 years, and Samara has been chasing her down ever since she fled the asari authorities. Liara mentions in Mass Effect 3 that Morinth was just hitting her stride, and that Ardat-Yakshi who kill leave behind astronomical body counts.
    • Garrus references an Elcor serial killer that was operating on the Citadel during his first year on C-Sec.
  • Naughty Bear is about a teddy bear who kills other teddy bears.
  • Eddie Gluskin from Outlast was a serial killer of women, mutilating and raping them before murdering them. He was institutionalized at Mount Massive Asylum, and after the inmates riot, continues to kill people by cutting off their genitals.
  • Overwatch gives us Reaper, an ex-member of Overwatch who tracks down other ex-members and kills them.
  • Tohru Adachi from Persona 4 is an interesting case. He was one of the three people who were granted the power to enter the TV world (the others being Taro Namatame and your character), and discovered that he could kill people by throwing them into the TV world. He had a major lust for both Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi, and tried to rape them both before throwing them into the TV. He then recruited Namatame to carry out his evil work by convincing him that by throwing people into the TV himself, that he would be able to protect them from what Adachi would do to them. And the reason he did all this? Because he was amused by it all.
  • Rides With Strangers has Donald Mcarthur, A.K.A Father Donald. A combination of a sexual sadist and a mission based killer, Donald is a Pedophile Priest who has raped, tortured, and killed many people, with little boys being his "passion". To try and suppress his desire to harm children, he murders adult people, primarily heretics due to his religious beliefs. He considers it his mission to purge the world of heretics. Not that he has any qualms about murdering someone who isn't a heretic if he happens upon someone while he feels like killing.
  • The Emerald City Ripper, a serial killer that stalks the Barrens in the Dead Man's Switch campaign of Shadowrun Returns. He stuns his victims with magic and drugs and kills them in the process of extracting one of their internal organs while they're still alive as some kind of twisted souvenir taking. He is eventually revealed to be an organised profit killer for hire: His victims were all connected by their organs all coming from the same organ donor, whose corpse he had been hired to restore.
  • Sakahagi of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne routinely kills his fellow Manikins and proceeds to skin them, using the skin as a coat. He later attempts to kill Chiaki, leading to the victim's Start of Darkness, before finally attempting to kill the main character.
  • Virtually all the enemies encountered in Spookys Jumpscare Mansion are supernatural variations of this. Most of them have body counts in the hundreds, and even Specimen 1 has more the 3 (it has 4).
  • Touhou's Sakuya Izayoi is a maid, and an awesome one at that. But she is a Knife Nut and her spellcards have a serial killer theme. Could it be that she used to be a serial killer before joining Remilia?
  • A Role in Town of Salem. They can kill 1 person each night, similar to the Mafia's killing role, but unlike the Mafia are lone wolves who usually act alone - but they can win in teams.
  • Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal is of the hedonistic type with antisocial and disorganized sub types.
    • And not just Sweet Tooth. There's a few more running around, while the cast of Black are either serial killers, will be turned into serial killers if they win or good guys who are going to be fucked over hard by a serial killer (which Calypso seems to be in this continuity).
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines has the psychotic Dr. Gimble who lures victims to his prosthetics lab with the promise of a modeling job, and proceeds to lock them in the basement and slowly vivisect them over a matter of months.
  • Welcome to the Game features The Breather, a bald caucasian man who targets hitchhikers and Deep Web browsers. He kills For the Evulz, but follows a strict code. He always calls his victims to let them know that he's coming, and either breathes into the phone (hench his alias), or threatens his soon to be attempted victims. If his potential victims have locked the door, or are able to keep their hands on the knob to keep him from getting in, and he doesn't see them, he will leave. Even if he does see them, he will still stop if they can keep him from breaking down the door.
  • The indie horror game White Night has you wandering through the mansion of 'The Wolf of Black Lake', a serial killer that targeted dark-haired young women.
  • Hubert Rejk from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt definitely qualifies as the mission-based type. He ritualistically tortured and murdered an untold amount of people in the name of the Church of the Eternal Fire, killing those he viewed as sinners or apostates. He also happened to be a vampire, but this had nothing to do with his motive.
    • The plot of the Blood and Wine expansion revolves around Geralt hunting down a serial killer who appears to be mission-based due to his murders of knights that violated the Five Chivalric Virtues of Toussiant. In reality, the murders were revenge killings orchestrated by the duchess' sister who tricked her vampire lover into killing the knights as a smokescreen for her plot to murder the duchess all because she thought she forgot about her.
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order has "Ramona" ( aka Anya), who began killing Nazis after they shot an ex-boyfriend of hers in 1960. Her methods over time got more gruesome and grotesque, from stabbing one with a knife to burning an entire building full of them.
  • Yandere Simulator allows the option of the main character becoming a serial killer in order to eliminate any potential love rivals. It's the path most portrayed in official artwork and promotional material. Additionally, even if Ayano isn't one, her mother was known for killing at least one rival, implicitly more. The Aishi family's nature also means that there's probably a few others in Ayano's family history.


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