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  • The Other Wiki has a list.
  • The Rolling Stones' "Midnight Rambler" is sung from the point of view of one of these.
  • The Beatles's song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" about Maxwell Edison, a crazed kid that murders with said hammer a girl, his teacher, and the judge who took his case, in front of a full courtroom.
  • Steely Dan's "Midnight Cruiser"
  • David Bowie gave us "Running Gun Blues" on the album The Man Who Sold the World.
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  • Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer"
  • Everything by Macabre, or really any Death Metal band.
    • Especially Cannibal Corpse, e.g. "Stripped, Raped, and Strangled".
  • A rather famous example is the song "Dead Skin Mask" by Slayer. "213", about Jeffrey Dahmer, is a another. "Angel of Death" could count as well, since Mengele racked up quite a body count. Also, "Psychopathy Red" from World Painted Blood is about Russian killer Andrei Chikatilo.
  • Radiohead's "Climbing Up The Walls".
  • Swans, a band never known for their cheery subject matter, have two songs actually from the perspective of serial killers: "Young God" (Ed Gein, who inspired Psycho) and "Killing For Company" (Dennis Andrew Nilsen).
  • Early Industrial music in general, but the Power Electronics sub-genre in particular (Whitehouse are notorious for this).
  • Implied in Scott Walker's "The Electrician", the title character of which is a professional torturer.
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  • The Dead Kennedys' "I Kill Children".
  • Sunn O)))'s "Bathory Erszebet."
  • Band Of Susans' "Elizabeth Stride (1843-1888)" follows the last minutes of Jack the Ripper's third victim.
  • Sufjan Stevens "John Wayne Gacy, Jr". Defines Lyrical Dissonance.
  • Ozzy Osbourne has several, most notably Little Dolls and No More Tears.
  • Alice Cooper's 2008 concept album "Along Came A Spider" is all about a fictional serial killer who wraps his victims in silk and cuts off one their legs to construct a flesh spider. His rampage is quelled when he falls in love with his eighth victim and finds Jesus.
  • Beck's cheery and catchy "Girl" takes the POV of one.
  • Rapper Tech N9ne's song "Trauma" is written from the point-of-view of a serial killer, boasting about how evil he is and that he's more deranged than "Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson combined".
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  • GWAR is like this ALOT.
  • A Pale Horse Named Death has a song called "Serial Killer". There's also "Killer by Night".
  • The Animated Music Video for Metallica's "Here Comes Revenge" has what looks to be some sort of anthropomorphic hyena murdering female animal people and mounting their heads up like a hunter.
  • "Serial Killer" by "Rage" is about this trope.
  • Vocaloid Rin Kagamine's "Fear Garden" features a Mad Artist obessed with human hands that stalks her "friends" until she can get them alone, then proceeds to murder them with a knife and rip their arms off, planting them in a garden.


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